The Sticklers (lost pitch pilot of 'Stickin' Around' Nelvana animated series; early 1990s)

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Stickin Around logo.png

The final show's logo.

Status: Lost

Stickin' Around is an animated series created by Robin Steele and Brianne Leary and produced by legendary Canadian animation house Nelvana.[1] It began as a series of one-minute interstitial shorts in 1994 on CBS[2] and expanded to a full half-hour series on Canadian television network YTV that ran for three seasons from 1996-1998. Animated in a deliberately simplistic, shaky 2D style meant to suggest - per the show's creators - kids animating their own stories "using the advanced computer graphics of 'Boiler Paint'",[3] the series follows imaginative eight-year-old Stacy Stickler and her equally creative best friend Bradley, who use their friends and families as the cast of the wild fantasies they create to cope with their day-to-day dilemmas.[4]

While many people know about the shorts that came before the series, the 20-second series pitch pilot under the original title of The Sticklers is much more obscure.


As described by Brianne Leary on an episode of the "Mr. TV" podcast, the pitch pilot has a completely different background style, composed simply of pictures of real furniture from old 50's catalogs. The animation was done with traditional animation instead of computer animation as in the final series. The pitch features the first appearance of Stacey's family - her parents Stan & Stella, Stacy herself and Frank, her fat dachshund - as they come together a la the Simpsons, plopping onto the couch with a bowl of popcorn. The Sticklers appears above them.


The pitch was designed solely to be shown to network executives, and thus remains completely unseen to the public, as the creators don't have access to the files. It is described in the Mr. TV podcast episode on the show, which details its production history.

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