The Tale of Charlie Pumpkinhead (partially found unfinished animated short; 2000)

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Pumpkin house ext title.jpg

Title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Tale of Charlie Pumpkinhead is an unfinished 3D-animated short film made in 2000 by DNA Productions, a studio that is most widely known for creating the popular animated television series, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. The short was written and directed by Paul Allen, and was apparently abandoned most likely due to DNA's production of Jimmy Neutron around the same time.


While not much is known concerning the plot, the short takes place on Halloween, the favorite holiday of main character Charlie Pumpkinhead, who displayed a great affection for candy.


While not much is known of the short, a portion of it survives on an archived version of the official DNA Productions website, as well as a personal one of a former DNA employee. With close examination, a brief snippet of the short can be seen on a TV in the teaser trailer for Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. How far production came on this short remains unclear.


Jimmy Neutron teaser, which contains footage of the short (starts at 0:53).

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