Tic Tac Dough (lost SkyZone mobile game based on Barry-Enright game show; 2009)

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The game's logo from the iPhone version.

Status: Lost

Tic Tac Dough is a game show based on the game tic tac toe. Contestants answer questions in various categories to put up their respective symbol, X or O, on the board.


The show started in July 30th, 1956 on NBC but was cancelled in October 1959 due to the quiz show scandals at the time, the show was brought back on CBS in July 1978 for forty five episodes where it was moved to syndication in September 1978 and ended May 1986 and again from September 1990 to December of the same year. The show was hosted by the shows creator Jack Barry during it's NBC run then by Wink Martindale during its CBS run and first syndicated run until May 1985 being replaced by Jim Caldwell until the end of it's run and finally by Patrick Wayne in 1990. A new version is currently in development at NBCUniversal[1], but has yet to air.

Mobile game

During the show's run, many board games were created and all of them saw a release, but it wouldn't be until nearly 20 years after it last aired that a mobile game would be made. The game was made by SkyZone Mobile and is based on the first syndicated version of the show and was released on Brew (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless), Java, Blackberry and iOS devices. A Lite version of the game was also released on iOS devices around the time[2]. After the game's release, it vanished and can no longer be played.


The current status of SkyZone Mobile is also unknown. Screenshots of the iPhone and Blackberry versions[3][4] and footage from the Brew version can be found online, but the game itself has not resurfaced online and it's unknown if any playable ROM of the game still exists or if it can still be playable.



Footage of the Brew version of the game.




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