Aardman's various ads (partially found stop-motion animated commercials; 1980s-2010s)

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Aardman logo.png

The company's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Aardman Animations have been making many advertisements ever since their Enterprise Computers ad back in 1984, spanning many well-known brands such as Dairylea, LEGO, Chewits, Chevron, Walkers and so on. Some of their campaign work has even been featured on LMW before (Cuprinol, Lurpak) as well as a commercial starring their famous duo Wallace & Gromit. But there is even more of their advert work that remains lost online.

Lost Adverts

-Unknown advert containing "a fruit-and-vegetable man for a healthy-eating campaign" [1]

-3/4 Savlon adverts [2] (Assumed to be 1992)

-Unknown Creature Comforts Dishwash Electric ad(?) (As not seen on Aardman Classics and Creature Comforts DVDs that have all other Heat Electric adverts; 1993-1995?)

-The UK Office of Energy Conservation advert [3] (1993-1995?)

-Honey Bunches of Oats advert [4] (1993-1995?)

-1 FOUND: 2/3 Britania Building Society adverts [5] (Assumed to be 1994-1997)

-C.O.I 'Vouchers' [6] (Assumed to be 1994 or 1995)

-FOUND: Weetos unknown promotion for space toys [7] (1994/1995[8])

-3 St. Ivel 'Prize Guys' Adverts [9] (Assumed to be 1995-1997)

-FOUND?: Bonduelle 'Salat Snak' [10] (Assumed to be 1995-1997)

-1/22 Channel 4 stings [11] (21 found; 1996)

-FOUND: Miniwheats advert [12] (1999 or so)

-Meule D'Or advert [13] (2000 or earlier)

-Advert(s) for Scottish Health Education Group [14]

-Advert(s) for Mat Co. [15]

-Advert(s) for Little Caesars [16]

-Advert(s) for Lifesavers [17]

-FOUND: Advert(s) for Hamburger Helper [18]

-Advert(s) for Asthma Awareness [19]

-Advert(s) for American Express Travel [20]

-Purina advert [21] (2006 or earlier)

-Pedigree advert

-Partially Found 16 Nytol sponsorship idents [22] (2010)

Also, there seem to be five privated uploads[23] at the end of Aardman's commercials playlist for whatever reason.


21 of the 22 Channel 4 stings
1 found Savlon ad
Excerpt of unknown Dishwash Electric ad (0:26 - 0:29) and mute excerpt of a Britania Building Society ad (0:45 - 0:49)

A silent clip from a Prize Guys ad can be seen here at the 2:16 mark: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hst9ancp2soz3wx/A_Matt_Sanders_Showreel.m4v?dl=0