Pib and Pog (lost original college animation of stop-motion short; early 1990s)

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Still from the 1995 short

Status: Lost

Pib and Pog is a stop-motion animated short from Aardman released in 1995. It parodies a simple toddler-targeted TV show, starting out quiet and friendly but growing increasingly violent and dark in its humor. It went on to receive five mini-episodes in 2006 as well as a successful ad campaign for Dairylea Dunkers.[1]

Much like The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the series began as a college project. Peter Peake (the short's writer and director) originally approached Aardman with the idea of the film, using a crude version he made in college as a model. He would later refine the ideas, characters, and animation for the short released in 1995.


This original college-era version of the short has not been released and has not surfaced online. Peter Peake was contacted by email as to if a copy of it still exists, and he responded with stating one probably only exists on an old U-matic tape in his loft.




The Aardman made 1995 version of the short.

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