I'm Mad (found original theatrical version of Animaniacs animated short; 1994)

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One of the original title cards from the theatrical print of the short.

Status: Found

Date found: 27 Sep 2023

Found by: FT Depot

Animaniacs is a 1993 animated sketch comedy series that features a variety of shorts starring different animated characters. The most popular group of characters on the show were the Warner siblings, a trio of forgotten cartoon characters from the 1930s who made their escape into the modern world 50 years after they were locked away for causing mischief. In 1994, the trio starred in their own short that played before the Don Bluth movie Thumbelina entitled I'm Mad, which told the story of the siblings taking a trip to the circus with Dr. Scratchansniff that doesn't go as planned when the eldest sibling, Yakko, and the youngest sibling Dot spend most of the time arguing, while Wakko is nervous about his own problems.

While the short was aired on TV as part of the fourth episode of the second season of the show, the original theatrical cut of the short, which used additional title cards to an instrumental of the Animaniacs theme, had not resurfaced in its' entirety for years.


After Thumbelina's theatrical run, the only way to see the theatrical cut of this short was through brief glimpses on the 1994 VHS release "Animaniacs Sing-Along: Yakko's World". But because the short was part of a re-dubbed framing device where Mary Hartless presented the short as a film premiere (using footage that was originally from the episode Taming of the Screwy), only half of the four title cards are shown in their entirety, with scenes of the Warners in a projection booth and a re-dubbed scene from the episode Bumbie's Mom with Slappy telling her nephew Skippy about how hard Steven Spielberg worked on the short, preventing the viewer from seeing them.[1]

On December 7th, 2014, AnimeSuperhero user DaffyDonaldQW93 discovered an eBay listing from the seller davespeanuts of a 35mm film reel version of the short,[2] which sold five days later to an unknown bidder.[3] It is unknown who owns this particular reel and/or if they intend to share it online.

Finally, on September 27th, 2023, YouTuber FT Depot uploaded the theatrical cut of the short to YouTube, with the description noting it was sourced from a 35MM film reel. Unfortunately, YouTube has since taken down the upload due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros. However it has since been reuploaded to the Internet Archive.



The found cut of the short.


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