Lobo (lost production material of cancelled Kids' WB! animated series based on DC character; 1990s)

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Artwork of Lobo.

Status: Lost

Lobo is a cancelled children's animated television show that was planned to air on Kids' WB!, it was based on the ultraviolent DC character of the same name.

Production[edit | edit source]

John P. McCann was brought on board to write a season of a Lobo kids show with Brad Garrett voicing Lobo. It would have been voice directed by Andrea Romano with William H. Macy, Paul Rugg and Linda Hamilton as additional voices. The season would have had a story arc were Lobo encounters Ernest Mann, a fellow bounty hunter. Other characters would have included Ramona, Goldstar, Jonas Glim, Vril Dox, Al, Darlene Spritzer, Cosmic Bob and Sunny Jim. Lobo's self-healing and advanced senses are not shown, and his gutting hook is not used for combat purposes due to animation difficulties. Lobo, Sunny Jim and Darlene are the only characters from the cancelled cartoon to appear in a more faithful and adult oriented Lobo web cartoon.

Cancellation[edit | edit source]

WB decided not to do the show due to the demographics, which resulted in John P. McCann writing all 14 episodes for a more adult oriented Lobo cartoon on the internet in June 2000.[1][2][3] Greg Eagles and Kevin Michael Richardson replaced Brad Garrett as the voice of Lobo.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Video describing how the show was retooled (NSFW).
The Cancelled 90s Lobo Cartoon Set In The DCAU (NSFW).

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