Welcome Home, Animaniacs! (partially found Kids' WB Saturday morning preview; 1995)

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Advertisement for Kids' WB's debut, including two supposed but unrealized air dates for the special.

Status: Partially Found

Welcome Home, Animaniacs! is a 1995 special that was centered around the fact that for Kids' WB!'s inaugural season, Animaniacs would be moving to the block from competitor Fox Kids.[1] The special was originally meant to introduce four new shows, along with Animaniacs and the then airing in primetime Pinky and the Brain on the then-new Kids' WB! block.

Known Details

The special was hosted by Harland Williams and also featured the cast of several of The WB's primetime shows introducing each of the block's shows, wrapped around new animation of Yakko, Wakko and Dot driving to the Warner Bros. studios from Fox's studios. The special was meant to be aired twice, once on the night before the block's launch and once six days after the launch.

However, it became obscure almost immediately as only a few WB network affiliates ended up airing the special; and several that did actually aired it immediately after the inaugural Kids' WB! broadcast on September 9th, 1995.


For a while, due to the obscurity of the preview special, no footage had resurfaced. The fact that airing the special at a specific time was not mandated by The WB contributed to the obscurity of the special.

However, on September 25th, 2017, LMW and YouTube user TheLandofNoPoint (NormanTheIdiot's Alt) uploaded a 2 minute part of Welcome Home, Animaniacs!. The rest of the special, however, remains lost.


Part of Welcome Home, Animaniacs!.

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