Arden Rarden (lost early build of Famicom platformer Robocco Wars; 1990)

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Arden ad from famitsu 1990 oct12.jpg

Ad from Famitsu October 12, 1990

Status: Lost

Arden Rarden (あるでんらるでん) is a platformer for Famicom that was developed by Pixel and planned to be released by Taito. The game was later released by IGS as Robocco Wars (ロボッ子ウォーズ), replacing only the player character with a robot. It is not known why they changed the character or publisher of this game. Arden Rarden prototype ROM is currently unconfirmed, but is likely in the developer's possession.

This game was also exhibited at Famicom Space World 1990.



Video footage from Famicom Space World 1990. The title screen can be seen at the Taito booth. (15:00)



  • The boss of stage 6 of Robocco Wars is the Silver Hawk from Darius, a remnant from when Taito was planning to release the game.

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