City of Houston (found unreleased "Evangelion" AIDS PSA for American city; 1999)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.

Spencer and Grant.jpg

Spike Spencer and Tiffany Grant, the two actors who voiced the teens in the PSA.

Status: Found

Date found: 03 Apr 2020

Found by: Red Bard, Tiffany Grant

In 1999, Spike Spencer and Tiffany Grant, both voice actors from Houston who had many roles in anime, video games, and movies at that point (as well as both working on Neon Genesis Evangelion), were commissioned by the City of Houston to voice in a PSA for the AIDS virus.


The studio that Spencer was working for at the time offered him a VA job from the City of Houston to voice a male teenager having unprotected sex with a female teenager as part of a radio PSA to warn people about AIDS. They needed someone to play the female teen, so Spencer asked Grant if she wanted to fill the role. When she accepted it, the two recorded the audio in separate booths.

The PSA itself consisted of the two teens having sex while an ominous announcer said, "One of these young people is killing the other" along with facts about protected sex and the AIDS virus. When the lines were recorded, the people who commissioned it literally thought their acting was "too good" and ultimately decided not to use it. The advertisement was canned.[1]

Connection to Evangelion

People often incorrectly believe that the two teens in the PSA were actually Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langely Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion, who were voiced by Spencer and Grant respectively. However, based on Grant's recollection of the PSA, there were no connections or references to the characters of Evangelion.

This misconception likely originated from an off-hand joke in the DVD commentary track for episode two of the show ("The Beast"), where Spencer talks about the PSA after it's jokingly stated by M.G. that it was "Shinji and Asuka having sex basically." Both fans and various websites took this literally and began spreading the misinformation. However, multiple interviews and panel Q&As from the two have proven that there's little to no connection.[1]


As stated above, the PSA was left unreleased. However, at least one copy of it is confirmed to exist, as Grant herself has stated that she still has a copy of it on an actual cassette tape. It wasn't until Red Bard reached out to Tiffany Grant in April 2020 in which Grant kept it in a box in her bedroom for nearly 21 years, and she decided to give it to the public. Red Bard posted a video about it along with the full audio.

Name of the PSA

Grant sent a picture to Bard of the tape she kept in a box, and it has the name of the PSA. The tape has the following text on it, HIV AWARENESS "MURDER" :60.[2]



Red Bard's video about her findings with the full audio of the PSA.


Audio of the PSA.

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