Deal or No Deal "Episode 883" (partially found original abandoned episode of Channel 4 game show; 2008)

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Screenshot from the original version, showing the flooded set.

Status: Partially Found

Episode 883 of Channel 4's Deal or No Deal was first televised on 16th November 2008. It featured a contestant called Adam, who wound up winning £250.50. This programme was special because it marked the second attempt to record Adam's game. The first, filmed on 23rd May that same year was abandoned after a rainstorm caused a partial collapse of the Paintworks studio's roof, which subsequently allowed a downpour to ruin the set. Some footage before and after the game's abandonment is missing.


From 2005 to 2013, Deal or No Deal was exclusively filmed at Paintworks in Bristol.[1][2] In March 2008, Bristol was affected by the March 2008 storms,[3] but filming for the show continued unaffected despite Paintworks' geographical proximity to the River Avon.[4][2] Typically, three episodes were taped per day so that they could be broadcast six months down the line.[5][2] 23rd May 2008 initially conformed to this premise; filming began at roughly 8:15 am, featuring morning and afternoon sessions.[5] The former finished at roughly 1:30 pm, while the afternoon games typically concluded around 4:30 pm.[5]

Among the selected contestants that day was Adam, a professional magician.[6][7] He discussed his profession with presenter Noel Edmonds, stating how he had succeeded in making it his full-time career for about nine years.[7] At the same time, thunder erupted, which Adam humorously claimed demonstrated his strong talent in the field.[7] It soon became apparent to everyone in attendance that filming would be postponed as the downpour became exceptionally violent.[6][7] The Paintworks roof could no longer keep nature at bay, which resulted in rainwater gushing inside.[5] Consequently, the production crew ordered everyone to move into the crowd stands, with expensive equipment like cameras being taken backstage.[7] One camera later revealed the chaos that unfolded, the set being completely flooded and the 22 boxes exposed to the elements.[7][6]

Filming resumed a week later on 2nd June.[5] For 883, Edmonds repeated his opening monologue before he announced that today's contestant already knew they had been selected.[6][7] Adam carried out his second "Walk of Wealth"; despite Edmonds' claim, Adam was technically not the first to do so.[6][7] During filming for the pilots, a man called Jeff was chosen to compete.[8] He would later appear in Episode 42, broadcast on 17th December 2005.[9][8] Edmonds then declared a reshuffle had to emerge with new boxes, as the originals were not designed to be waterproof and were subsequently declared "ruined".[6][7] Reshuffles had occurred previously including during "Boxgate", which occurred after another contestant accidentally knocked over their box during Massimo's game in Episode 154.[10] To make light of the flood incident, Edmonds opted to "waterproof" key items such as the phone he used to contact the Banker.[7]

Adam accepted the reshuffle; this time, he was assigned box 17 instead of 11.[11][6][7] Ultimately, his game was not a success.[11] In his opening round, he lost three of the Power Five, being offered £1,500 by the Banker.[6][11] A good round 4 saw him reject £9,500; this proved a costly error, as he lost the £250,000 a round later and was only offered £2,400.[12][13][11] He again opted for "No Deal", having gambled on keeping £35,000.[13][11][7] The move did not pay off, as his final box for Round 6 revealed the £35,000, leaving £250 and £100 in play.[13][11] He rejected the Banker's final offer of £150 and decided to no swap, where he won £250.[13][11][7] However, the Banker then asked Edmonds to bring Adam's original damaged box, as he wanted to know what the magician originally brought to the table.[7][13] It turned out to be worth 50p; the Banker, aghast by accusations that it would be insensitive to see what Adam could have originally won, allowed him to go away with an extra 50p.[13][7]


The completed run of Episode 883 was broadcast on 16th November 2008.[14] It contained a segment of the aborted inaugural recording, which was televised to ensure the show remained honest and transparent when it came to unintentional game-changing moments.[7] The episode can be viewed in its entirety on the Internet Archive courtesy of Ryan Hamilton on 5th June 2022.[15][14] However, only a few scenes from the abandoned run were broadcast, to the disappointment of some viewers.[6] Missing footage included Edmonds' original introduction, the contestant selection and Adam's first Walk of Wealth, and the uncut footage of the flood enveloping the set. Due to how much time has passed, it is unlikely the additional clips will publicly resurface.



The rerecorded Episode 883.

Key game highlights, additionally including scenes from the aborted run.

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