Deal or No Deal (lost unaired episodes of U.S. edition TV game show; late 2000s)

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Status: Lost

The U.S. edition of the hit game show Deal or no Deal ran from December 19, 2005, to May 18, 2009, and the syndicated version ran from September 8, 2008, to May 28, 2010, then came back to air on December 3, 2018. GSN airs most of the series from season 1 to 4, but there are some episodes that never aired with reasons unknown.

Unaired Episodes

Episode 114

This is a taping report from someone seeing the show. [1] The first contestant is “Spam Lady” which is Cathy Hamm (Her nickname was “Queen of Spam”). The next contestant was an unknown female contestant whose nickname was “The Black Tornado” whose total went down as the lowest total in DOND history (It should be known that a contestant won $5 before this taping, but the episode hadn’t aired yet, so it’s unknown if Howie actually said her total was the lowest, or the person claimed it was the lowest from what they’ve seen, the person had to have won less than $5,000, that’s how much Cathy Hamm won). The last contestant on the aired episode was a male contestant named Horston Bowen, who won $221,000. It’s unknown why “The Black Tornado” never aired and this taping report is the only evidence of that contestant ever appearing on the show.[2]

Episode 303

This episode was the first Million Dollar Mission episode. The gimmick would start with 2-million-dollar cases and add another million-dollar case every time the million wasn’t won (in the first run, they went to up to 8 million dollar cases before stopping). The first contestant on the aired episode was a man named Tim Kajewski, but there was a contestant on the million dollar mission who played before him, with the name Halie Swan. She knocked out the two million dollar cases in the first round and the producers didn’t want to start out the million dollar mission that way so they never aired her game (she ended up winning $50,000). They restarted with 2 million dollar cases, again with Tim’s game.[3]

Episode 314

On the November 21, 2007, Thanksgiving Special, there was two aired contestants named DaKenya McDuffy and Jay Garrity, however, NBC promotional pictures reveal there was an unknown male contestant in between their games.[4] It is unknown why this game didn’t air; it may have had to do with time constraints (At this point of series, they would drag out games a lot, and Jay Garrity’s game was very long). It is unknown how much he won; however, a picture does reveal he had an offer of $33,000 and his 6-case board, which wasn’t really a good board. Another picture shows just one case left in the game, which is probably an indicator that he didn’t win much.

Episode 335

This is one of two unaired games that were shown on NBC’s website, advertised as the “lost episode”. The contestant was Mike Fisher and he had terrible luck and won only $25. His awful game probably was a factor to not airing his game.[5] It's unknown if anyone downloaded his game off on NBC.[6]

Episode 346

This one is probably the strangest with its existence is unconfirmed, but likely. A contestant named Susan Cukjati production code is episode 346B. [7] There is no 346A so it’s possible there was an original Episode 346 that went unaired for unknown reasons and Susan’s game would fill in the gap (Her game would not fit in production code order, the production codes for this show are very sloppy). There is no other evidence for it, other than the script linked here

Episode 363

This is one of the Around the World specials where Deal or no Deal went to other versions of the show. In this one, they went to the Philippines. There were two aired games that featured Mike Levy and Patrick Hook, however, NBC promotional pictures show there was an unknown female contestant.[8] It is unknown why this game didn’t air and like with the Thanksgiving episode, these pictures are the only evidence of that contestant ever appearing on the show.

Episode 364

This is the other unaired game that was on NBC’s website, the Estonia special. The aired episode features two contestants, Dave Krauch and Elaine Primeaux, however, NBC’s website revealed there was another contestant Nakia Rivera, who took a deal with $39,000 with two cases left, her case held $75,000. It is unknown why this game didn’t air either, and since there was an unaired game in both The Philippines and Estonia, there may have been one in South Africa (The last Around the World special).

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