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Status: Episode 312 - Found / Episode 2306 - Lost

The original UK version of Deal or No Deal was aired on Channel 4. During its run from October 2005 to December 2016, just over 3,000 episodes were produced by Endemol UK Productions, including a variety of specials. However, two episodes were confirmed to have been pulled from Channel 4's schedule, with one having been left completely unaired as of the present day.


Channel 4's Deal or No Deal ran for eleven series, having been based on the Dutch show Postcode Loterij Miljoenenjacht.[1][2] Presented by Noel Edmonds, the show's luck-based format, combined with its emphasis on the emotional journey each contestant will experience, helped the show become a big success for Channel 4 during the late-afternoons.[3][4][2] After its final episode aired on 23rd December 2016, the show went into hiatus until 2023, when ITV commissioned a new series with Catchphrase host Stephen Mulhern as its presenter.[5][1][6][3]

The Edmonds version of Deal or No Deal is officially slated to have produced 2,985 episodes, but its full total pushes it to 3,001 when including programmes like the 8 Out of 10 Cats special.[6][1] But like with fellow Channel 4 game show Countdown, Deal or No Deal ended up with two episodes that, for very different circumstances, could not be aired on their planned broadcast dates.[6]

Episode 312

Episode 312 was the 78th episode planned for Series 2, which was scheduled to air on 24th November 2006.[7] It featured a contestant called Amanda, a Neath housewife and aspiring businesswoman.[8][7] After losing £250,000 immediately, Amanda partially recovered in the following three rounds, receiving offers between £7,500 to £12,500. After a strong Round 4, which saw her take out £5, £1,000 and £50, Amanda was offered £13,500 by the Banker. Having stemmed from the fact only one of the Power Five, the £100,000, was still available, Amanda agreed to deal at this stage. It proved a mistake, as the low-value boxes she subsequently opened in Rounds 5 and 6 meant she would have been offered £22,500 and £43,000 respectively. Still, it turned out Amanda's box contained only 10p. She therefore accepted the £13,500, having noted that the £100,000 was vulnerable to elimination throughout the game.[8]

312 was, by all accounts, an ordinary Deal or No Deal episode.[8] However, on the day of its intended broadcast, Channel 4 announced that "unforeseen circumstances" meant the new episode could not be aired.[9][10] Instead, a repeat of Kirsty's game occurred, having previously aired on 4th April 2006.[6][9][10] 312's pulling and Channel 4's vague explanation led to rampant discussion on the Deal or No Deal Fansite forum.[9] It was later revealed that Amanda had recently experienced a family bereavement.[11][7][10] Because of this, Endemol decided that airing 312 so soon afterwards would have been inappropriate.[11] 312 has ultimately never aired on any Channel 4-affiliated channels.[7]

Episode 2306

Episode 2306 was the eleventh episode produced for Series 9.[7] Scheduled to air on 16th August 2013, it was revealed that Danny, a sales assistant from the North West of England was selected to compete.[12][7] According to Deal or No Deal Fansite user MisterAl, who was in attendance during filming, nothing out of the ordinary occurred during gameplay.[13] However, the episode was suddenly replaced with a rerun of a celebrity game featuring singer Olly Murs.[14][15][16] On an official Deal or No Deal Facebook post announcing the Gok Wan special, viewers requested an explanation as to why 2306 was pulled.[16] A page moderator responded that it was for "reasons beyond our control".[16][13]

Widespread discussion on the Deal or No Deal Fansite soon emerged.[15][13] One theory linked a controversy involving a contestant called Ryan, who was kicked off the show for "bad behaviour".[17][13] In August 2013, Ryan started leaking the results of games yet to air on his Twitter page, leading some to speculate whether Danny was Ryan's source.[13][17] If so, some alleged that Danny was subsequently disqualified and his game pulled from broadcast for legal reasons.[13] However, Ryan soon reported that Danny had an upcoming court appearance.[13] The details behind Danny's day in court have never been disclosed, though it was speculated it was the main reason behind Channel 4's decision to pull 2306.[13] While much of the game remains unknown, Ryan revealed that Danny's winnings came after he agreed to a deal.[13]


In November 2011, it was announced that Challenge would air Deal or No Deal reruns from its inaugural years.[18] During its repeats, it surprisingly aired Episode 312 on 19th April 2013.[8][7] Airing about six and a half years after it was filmed,[19] the exact reasoning behind Challenge's broadcast remains unknown.[7][8] It is possible that the episode was now safe to televise due to how much time had passed, though it is also plausible that it aired in error.[7][8] Regardless, loyal Deal or No Deal fans recorded the episode, which can now be viewed in its entirety on YouTube. In contrast, Episode 2306 has never aired on either Channel 4-affiliated channels or Challenge.[7][13] Considering it has now been over a decade since 2306 was pulled from Channel 4's schedule, it is extremely unlikely that it will ever become publicly available.



The previously unaired Episode 312.

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