Depeche Mode - Live at the Hammersmith Odeon (partially lost recording of British pop band; 1982)

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Screenshot from the found video. L-R, Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Alan Wilder.

Status: Partially Lost

In 1982, Depeche Mode embarked on the A Broken Frame Tour to promote their second studio album of the same name. As reported by the December 1982 issue of the Depeche Mode Information Service newsletter, the show on October 25th at the Hammersmith Odeon was recorded by a video film crew (Mobile One) for Mute Records. It was considered for release on home video and would have been the bands first video release. While the release never materialized, the concert was aired on Danish television, of which some home recordings existed, albeit with subtitles.

In February 2020, DM Live Wiki obtained copy of a DVD seemingly made from the pre-broadcast source of the recording, which can be viewed here.

Though the full show was most likely recorded, four songs from the set that night are not included on the video for some reason, these being Monument, Shout, Photographic and Dreaming of Me. However, audio of Shout and Photographic were made available on the limited edition Love, In Itself 12", leaving Monument and Dreaming of Me still lost.

The Setlist

1. Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)

2. My Secret Garden*

3. See You*

4. Satellite*

5. New Life**

6. Boys Say Go!**

7. Tora! Tora! Tora!*

8. Nothing To Fear**

9. Leave In Silence

10. Shouldn't Have Done That

11. Monument (Lost audio & video)

12. The Meaning Of Love**

13. Just Can't Get Enough***

14. A Photograph Of You***

15. The Sun & The Rainfall

16. Shout*** (Lost video)

17. Photographic*** (Lost video)

18. Dreaming Of Me (Lost audio & Video)

-* Released on the "Get The Balance Right!" limited edition 12"

-** Released on the "Everything Counts" limited edition 12"

-*** Released on the "Love, In Itself" limited edition 12"

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