Emerald Island (lost environmental massively multiplayer online game; 2008-2009)

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The game's logo.

Status: Lost

Emerald Island was an environmentally themed MMO created by Fluid Entertainment Inc.

The game was launched on November 3rd, 2008, and ran until late 2009. The tone and gameplay were designed for players around 6-12 years old.[1] The game supposedly had around $3.2 million in funding through Trinity Ventures.[2] Other than this, however, very little is known about the game's development. Most likely due to the fact it only lasted for about a year. The reason why the game was shut down was that Fluid Entertainment was sold off to another (unnamed) company.[3]

Both the original websites for Emerald Island and Fluid Entertainment Inc have since gone defunct. With Emerald Island's domain now being owned by an identically named resort[4] and Fluid's only showing an error message.

It is currently unknown whether or not any assets from the game survive today.


The gameplay was similar to other family-friendly MMOs such as Club Penguin or Animal Jam. Where the player could create an original avatar and explore Emerald Island, which was located on the fictional planet of Viridis.

The goal of the game was to save Emerald Island from the destructive forces of Captain Blunderbore and his crew of "Pirats", who have already destroyed seven out of the eight islands on Viridis.[5]

The player could roam freely around the island, grow various plants and trees to help keep the island green, play an assortment of mini-games, and interact with other players (who are referred to as "Seedizens" within the game's universe). Players could also cultivate a garden outside of their home, which they could harvest the various items grown from it, and sell to help them earn in-game currency.[6]


The official theme song for the game. Which showcases some gameplay footage.

An in-game cutscene.

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