Ninja Taro (lost build of cancelled US localization of Famicom platformer; 1988-1989)

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Ninja Taro ad.

Status: Lost

Ninja Taro is a cancelled US localization of Ninja-kun Ashura no Shō (忍者くん 阿修羅ノ章), a platformer released by Jaleco for Famicom in Japan on May 10, 1985. It was planned to be released by American Sammy in the United States. In addition, the game was ported from the arcade game originally released by UPL, with the arcade version being released in US as Rad Action (released by World Games) or JT 104 (released by United Amusements).

This game was also featured in Nintendo Buyer's Guide Vol.1 No.1b[1] and Nintendo Strategy Guide Vol.1 No.2[2] of Game Player's magazine published in August 1988. The game was also exhibited at Winter CES in January 1989,[3] but was never finally released. The reason for the game's cancellation is not known, and no prototype ROM has surfaced as of 2023.

Ninja Taro, released for the Game Boy in the US in 1992, was a localization of another Ninja-kun series title called Sengoku Ninja-kun (戦国忍者くん).


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