Yo-kai Medalland Omikuji Battle (partially found inaccessible Unity Web Player game based on franchise; 2014-2016)

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The Yo-kai Medalland webpage, where Omikuji Battle was playable.

Status: Partially Found

Yo-kai Medalland Omikuji Battle was a Unity Web Player game for the now-defunct Yo-kai Medalland site, that was intended to serve as a companion to the Bandai-manufactured Yo-kai Medals. It was active from 2014-2016, receiving updates while Yo-kai Medal sets were released.

Though the Japanese version is long gone, Korean and Taiwanese versions have been released, sharing data and elements from the original.


Using the real-life Yo-kai Medals that were scanned on the account, the player could fight against Yo-kai to earn points for their profile for a chance to get a high ranking on the leaderboard. They could choose what Yo-kai to fight, Yo-kai Medals to use and background to fight in. The game would receive updates, such as a Terror Time feature to tie in with Yo-kai Watch Busters.

One interesting thing is that the game contains earlier music from the Yo-kai Watch video games, and rare concept artwork of backgrounds and Yo-kai that are rarely seen everywhere else.


The game was active from March 2014 to July 2016[1] exclusively on the Yo-kai Medalland website, and could only be accessed if the player had an account there. Attempting to access the link, even on the Wayback Machine would redirect the person to the main page. Despite being available on Unity Web Player, there are no known backup builds.

Despite that, numerous gameplay videos exist on YouTube from the game's beginning all the way to its discontinuation. The How To Play page is also strangely still up.

Korean and Taiwanese versions of the game have been released via Android/iOS, albeit with a few visual gameplay changes and still remain on backup APK websites. Though it cannot be played, the game can be datamined.





Gameplay video of a 2014 revision.

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