DKTV (partially found promotional Donkey Kong 64 material from defunct Nintendo website; 2000-2001)

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Logo for the microsite.

Status: Partially Found

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This article has been tagged as Needing work due to its lack or no information whatsoever on other DKTV shows listed in this article (with the exception of The DK Gorilla Project).

The DK Gorilla Project was one of the web series featured on the DKTV microsite made by experiencepop[1] and published by Nintendo to promote the release of Donkey Kong 64 by Rare Soft.


It was a spoof of The Blair Witch Project similar to The Scooby-Doo Project, about a group of friends lost in the woods with VHS cameras investigating a mystery, except instead of trying to find the Blair Witch they were trying to find Donkey Kong.

Testimony from forum lines[2] recalls a few moments from the series, such as what can be described as the crew reacting to a pile of bananas they found on the ground and other clues that lead them to a cabin where they play DK64 in the end.


It is certain that those videos were hosted on donkeykong64[3], the official Donkey Kong website between 1999 and 2000. It ran for six episodes and each one lasted between a minute and two, taking into account the video bandwidth limitations of the time.

It's currently unknown (as of December 2023) if there are episodes available anywhere after the year 2001.

List Of Material

The DK Gorilla Project[4]

# Episode Title Status
1 Hitting The Road Lost
2 Are We There Yet? Lost
3 Off The Map Lost
4 Whimpering Lost
5 Waking Up To Terror Lost
6 Answers in the Basement Lost

DK64 Beatdown[5]

A newscast-like series about the main playable characters.

# Episode Title Status
1 Donkey Kong Lost
2 Diddy Kong Lost
3 Tiny Kong Lost
4 Lanky Kong Lost
5 Chunky Kong Lost

Buy! Buy! Buy![6]

Videos about promotional content around Donkey Kong 64.

# Episode Title Status
1 DK 64 Bundle Lost
2 DK 64 Jungle Pak Lost
3 DK 64 Player's Guide Lost

The Games Channel[7]

Simple flash games, with Donkey Konk and Kremling Krunch being whack-a-mole like games[8] [9] and the last one being a huge lore quiz on Donkey kong 64. [10]

All of these games have been archived on Flashpoint Bluemaxima, a massive archive for flash games and animations.

# Game Title Status
1 Donkey Konk Found
2 Kremling Krunch Found
3 DK 64 Lore Quiz Found

DK Island's Most Wanted[11]

A parody of "America's most wanted " about the main bosses.

# Episode Title Status
1 King K. Rool Lost
2 Army Dillo Lost
3 Dogadon Lost
4 Mad Jack Lost
5 Puftoss Lost
6 King Kut Out Lost

The Real Jungle[12]

A sitcom like series, not much is known.

# Episode Title Status
1 Earning a Living Lost
2 Episode 2 Lost
3 Trouble At Home Lost
4 Episode 4 Lost
5 The Big Date Lost

National Kongagraphic[13]

A parody of "National Geographic" about the main levels of the game.

# Episode Title Status
1 Jungle Japes Lost
2 Angry Aztec Lost
3 Frantic Factory Lost
4 Gloomy Galleon Lost
5 Fungi Forest Lost
6 Crystal Caves Lost
7 Creepy Castle Lost

Monkey Mail[14]

Flash animations you could e-mail them to friends with a customizable message.

# Animation Title Status
1 Donkey Kong Lost
2 Diddy Kong Lost
3 Tiny Kong Lost
4 Lanky Kong Lost
5 Chunky Kong Lost

DK Rap Attack[15]

A rap contest where people could submit their versions of the DK rap, as of December 2023, only one of them has been found.

# Episode Title Status
1 Runner Up 1 Lost
2 Runner Up 2 Lost
3 Runner Up 3 Lost
4 Runner Up 4 Lost
5 Runner Up 5 Lost
6 Grand Prize Winner Found



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