"Jammin' With Mario" and "Mario's Driving Range" (lost promotional McDonald's browser games; 2006)

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One of the toys used for the promotion.

Status: Lost

Jammin' With Mario and Mario's Driving Range are two flash browser games used to promote the Mario toy line in McDonald's Happy Meals in 2006.


From September 1st to September 26th, 2006, McDonald's and Nintendo made a toy line to get kids active called "Take the Mario Challenge".[1] Kids were able to get Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Mario themed toys in their happy meal. They mostly ranged from a Donkey Kong-themed flying disc, a Yoshi-themed pop and catch, and a Mario-themed ball. What made it most interesting though was from the official site. In the site, kids could play two Mario-themed browser games called Jammin' With Mario and Mario's Driving Range. Jammin' With Mario was about learning the Mario theme by typing keys on the keyboard while Mario's Driving Range is really unknown, mostly being believed to be a golf game or a driving game.[2]


No footage or photos of the game exists online. Though, an archived website during the Mario promotion was found. Unfortunately, the page is non-functional as most links do not work at all.[3]

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