Super Mario Sunshine (lost early builds for GameCube platformer; 2001-2002)

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Early SMS Logo.webp

Early logo from the E3 Demo

Status: Lost

Super Mario Sunshine is a 2002 platformer game created for the GameCube. It’s the 2nd 3D game in the series following Super Mario 64. Though the game went through a lot of development and was even shown at events. While videos and photos exist of the builds, the builds haven't been dumped online.

SpaceWorld 2001 Build

Status: Lost

A photo which features a cut enemy named Hinokuri2 with an onion-shaped mask, with an early similar-looking Strollin' Stu nearby.

Super Mario Sunshine was revealed at SpaceWorld 2001, with the release of the game for next year. In the demo are hundreds of different changes from this build and the release, while being a year apart. Though interestingly, the music played for the trailer can be found in the game data.[1]

Differences include:

  • The build shows a cut enemy named “Hinokuri2” walking around and spawning Stoopin Stu. The enemy isn’t in the game but can be found in a test level and the files.[2]
  • It also shows an early version for the citizens, being humans.[2][3]
  • F.L.U.D.D was actually gonna be more skinnier than usual.
  • The trailer uses the unused sky from a test level.
  • Early HUD, with the counter for SOL coins being on the bottom left while the water counter is on the top right.
  • At a certain time mark, F.L.U.D.D doesn’t have a nozzle, which coincides with why Mario lacks water in the scene.[1]

E3 2002 Build

Status: Lost

Early Piranhabons, this time in the air, potentially replaced by the Glorpedos that Petey drops.

Super Mario Sunshine was then revealed at E3 2002. The E3 trailer and demo look closer to the final version and looks like the demo that was playable in stores with more differences. These differences were:

  • Sound effects were partially implemented and are absent in the build.[1]
  • The life HUD was different and used to be numeric before using wedges.
  • The boos in Hotel Delfino have different designs.
  • Sirena Beach's electric goop is present at Gelato Beach which resembles the test enemy, Kug. This goop also does not shock Mario upon contact, unlike Kug.[1]
  • The title’s logo was different and lacked a Shine Sprite.

Unknown/Inbetween Build

Pre-SpaceWorld 2001

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Unknown SMS Build.png

A screenshot was found in-game for the use of the texture map for Eely-Mouth’s eyes. It’s speculated that this photo is from an early version of the SpaceWorld 2001 build because of the lack of a HUD and the plating-roofed “Twin Towers” in the background are those from an early Delfino Plaza area from the SpaceWorld 2001 trailer.[1]


As of December 2023, no leaks of the build have been dumped online. Though people do hope for a leak one day that contains the SMS beta builds.


SpaceWorld 2001

E3 2002


Gameplay footage from the SpaceWorld 2001 build.

Gameplay Footage of the E3 build.

Footage of a missed jump which features a secret stage.


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