Ann and Harold (lost early BBC drama television series; 1938)

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Surviving photo of Ann and Harold.

Status: Lost

Ann and Harold is an early BBC light drama television series. Broadcast from July to August 1938, it starred Ann Todd as Ann Teviot and William Hutchison as Harold Warden, this five-part show detailed the romance between a London couple, from their initial meeting to the wedding. The program is considered the first-ever episodic television series.[1]


Written by Louis Goodrich, Ann and Harold was originally a radio play consisting of six scenes broadcast on 5th March 1932. It detailed the couple meeting each other for the first, before developing their romance and ultimately having a grand society wedding. The play was a success, and a sequel, More About Ann and Harold was established in 1933 in episodic serial form.[2]

Considering the popularity of Ann and Harold, BBC Television Service decided that the play would be ideal as an episodic television series. Again written by Goodrich, this version saw Ann Todd portray Ann Teviot, with William Hutchison playing Harold Warden. Goodrich, an actor himself, also appeared in the show. Five episodes ranging from 15 to 20 minutes in length, would be broadcast from 12th July to 9th August 1938.[3] Plans for a sixth episode were ultimately scrapped upon Todd receiving a part in a West End play and being granted permission to leave the show early.[4] Hence, the show ended with the couple appearing at Lord's Cricket Ground. Aside from being deemed the first-ever episodic television series, Ann and Harold also received its own theme tune, one of the first of its kind.[5]


Ultimately, all episodes of Ann and Harold were broadcast live and were not recorded. Therefore, all five episodes are now permanently missing. Two photos of the show, and a Radio Times issue summarising the final episode, are all that remains of the series.


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