Dish of the Month (lost early BBC cooking show; 1937)

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Listing of episode 1 of Dish of the Month in Radio Times

Status: Lost

Dish of the Month is an early BBC television cooking show. Hosted by French chef Marcel Boulestin, it is the second TV series Boulestin was involved in following Cook's Night Out, and the televised short Milk Dishes earlier in 1937. It was also the prequel to Foundations of Cookery.


As the name of the show suggests, Dish of the Month involved Boulestin showing how to make a certain meal on a monthly basis. Three episodes were produced, broadcast on 15th October, 12th November, and 10th December respectively.[1] Episode 1 consisted of Boulestin showing how to make a khebab,[2] episode 2 focused on a game dish,[3] while episode 3 detailed the making of sauce sabayon.[4] According to Radio Times issues, each episode would last around 15 minutes.

In addition, Radio Times issues lists two shows known simply as Marcel Boulestin, broadcast on 11th March and 8th April 1938 respectively.[5] The shows detailed how to make Rognons Flambés and Gâteau de Pommes aux Herbes.[6][7] Because of the fact they were broadcast monthly, they may well have been episodes of Dish of the Month, although lack of Radio Times confirmation makes this difficult to verify.


Like other early BBC television broadcasts, including all of Boulestin's shows, Dish of the Month was broadcast live and was not recorded. Therefore, all three episodes are now permanently missing. Unlike some of Boulestin's other programs, no surviving photos exist of the show.


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