Ashita Tenki ni Nāre/Capcom Golf (lost build of arcade game based on the golf manga; 1991)

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Ashita comic coverjpg.jpg

Original first volume cover of manga series

Status: Lost

Ashita Tenki ni Nāre (あした天気になあれ, translation: There's Good Weather Tomorrow, a.k.a. A Great Super Shot Boy) is a Capcom arcade game based on a golf-themed manga by Tetsuya Chiba. It was released in April 1991 in Japan and International as Capcom Golf[1]. Capcom has developed games based on 70s and 80s manga series such as Area 88 (U.N. Squadron), Tenchi wo Kurau (Dynasty Wars), and Dokaben, and this is the fourth in the series.
Curiously, despite the information that this game was released, we have not been able to find a game or its board that is currently in operation, not even the Japanese version, let alone the international version.

The game was first unveiled at the 1990 Amusement Machine Show[2], and according to a report on the show in Gamest issue 52, the game allowed players to choose their main golfer character before starting the game[3]. In Game Machine October 15, 1990, this game is animated for the shot scene. And the characters' chatter was described as amusing[4]. In Game Machine November 15, a player wrote in his review that he wished the game would study the characters' personalities and make the game a little more emotional[5].


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