Dream Street (found British children's TV series; 1999-2002)

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Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: Feb 2022

Found by: Various users

Dream Street was a British children's television series that ran from May 6th, 1999 to 2002 on CiTV. The show was narrated by British comedian Russ Abbot and was aimed at children aged from 2 to 7. The show featured talking toy vehicles, which were radio-controlled in real-time. The series aired in re-runs on CiTV from 2008 to 2009 and was re-aired again in Ireland in 2017, with certain elements re-done in CGI.[1]


For a long time, the only pieces of Dream Street media that was uploaded to the Internet were the intro to the 2008 re-airings of the show and the Polish dub of the episode "Hot and Stinky". Later on, more episodes of the show (and in English) began to surface on the Internet.

All the episodes from Series 1, with the exception of some of the episodes from the "Dream Street: Christmas Star" video, are available on the Internet. Most episodes from Series 2 are available in Polish.

In 2016, WildBrain Spark set up an official Dream Street YouTube channel had been set up and started uploading episodes from Series 2 and in English (including the ones that were previously available in Polish, and the ones that were previously lost). In January 2017 however, all videos from the said channel were removed for unknown reasons and in March that year, WildBrain globally blocked a majority of Dream Street-related videos on YouTube. This has been reverted as of February 2022.


Series 1

# Episode Title Status
1 Hot Air Found
2 Musical Madness Found
3 Dinosaur Found
4 Jumping Jack Found
5 Snoring and Touring Found
6 Bossy Boot Found
7 Big Mouth, Big Trouble Found
8 Daisy’s Deputy Found
9 Code Red Found
10 The Ghost of Peekaboo Park Found
11 King of the Road Found
12 Over the Rainbow Found
13 Jack the Joker Found
14 Surprise, Surprise Found
15 By the Book Found
16 Happy Butterday Found
17 Cool Kids Found
18 Monster Bunch Found
19 Topsy Turvy Found
20 Treasure Hunt Found
21 The Big Yellow Pipe Found
22 Games Day Found
23 Up, Up and Away Found
24 Disappearing Domino Found
25 Tech’s Magical Carnival Found
26 Big Pink Furry Thing Found
27 Dream Street Christmas Star Found

Series 2

# Episode Title Status
1 Hot and Stinky Found
2 Midnight Monstering Found
3 Building Block Blunder Found
4 Check Up Found
5 King for a Day Found
6 Beep Beep Found
7 Mr Fixit Found
8 Go Faster Half-Pint Found
9 Coughs and Sneezes Found
10 Beans Means Bounce Found
11 The Giant Sea Shell Found
12 Show and Tell Found
13 Bedtime Found
14 The Greatest Show on Earth Found
15 Ready Teddy Go Found
16 Gungey Goo Day Found
17 Daisy Fights the Flab Found
18 The Amazing Bounceroonie Found
19 Lollipop, Lollipop Found
20 Marshmallow Monster Found
21 Dream Street Fun 5000 Found
22 Odd One Out Found
23 Treasure Map Found
24 Rodney’s Party Poop Found
25 Rumour, Rumour Found
26 Pop Goes the Movies Found
27 The Milk Round Race Found
28 The Talent Show Found
29 Genie of The Lamp Found
30 When Time Stood Still Found
31 Super Milk Found
32 High Flying Wild Bunch Found
33 Big Chief Rodney Found
34 Hot Air’s Floaty Boat Found
35 Glow For It Found
36 Whodunnit Found
37 Buddy’s Day Found
38 Gold Star Parade Found
39 Big Book of Magic Found

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