The Spooks of Bottle Bay (partially found British children's TV series; 1993-1995)

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Cover art for one of the VHS's.

Status: Partially Found

The Spooks of Bottle Bay was a British children's TV series which ran from 1993 till 1995 on ITV's CITV block. The series was created by Ian Allen, and directed by Paul Cole. The series ran for 3 series, composed of 39 episodes.

Plot Synopsis

The series follows the adventures of a young man named Sidney Sludge, living in the town of Bottle Bay, who, every episode, thwarts the evil plans of his siblings, Sybil and Cedric, each time being unknowingly aided in his effort by the local ghosts, who haunt a nearby mansion, the House on the Hill.


The Spooks of Bottle Bay was released on VHS three times during its original run, but there has never been any DVD release of it, and the show has never been re-run since its original release. A YouTube channel by the name of Spooks of Bottle Bay has been uploading episodes from the VHS to the internet. The channel has recovered six episodes from season one and eight episodes from season two.


The first episode of The Spooks of Bottle Bay.

The episode known as "Picking Up the Pieces".

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