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The logo for the show.

Status: Partially Found

Audrey and Friends is a British animated TV series created and directed by David Bennett that ran on Channel 5's both Milkshake! and Shake! blocks in Autumn 2002.[1] The series revolves around a teenage girl named Audrey with her pet dog named Rounball and her friends Meena and Constance (Stan for short) living in a world of the internet, texting and medieval love potions. The show was animated, produced and distributed by Impossible Television.

The Series

Bennett pitched the show to Channel 5 with a pilot that ended up airing on December 26th, 2000 on the channel's Milkshake! block as a Christmas special.[2] The network then picked it up as a series that lasted for 26 episodes. The show was animated in a mixture of 2D and CGI animation similar to the distributor's other series that aired on the block at the time.[3] After the initial episodes aired, the show ended up getting cancelled with no home media release ever made for it.


According to one of the writers of the show Adam Peters, the show didn't have good ratings in the UK due to the cheap animation and character design that traumatized people, and especially the fact that the show was made on an extremely low budget, however, the show had a minor cult following in New Zealand where the show aired on Prime for several years.


For awhile no footage or images from the show were available online as the only evidence of this show's existence came from an IMDb page and footage of a promo for the series. At some point, a user named LovelyAngel1004 discovered some footage of the show from a 2012 showreel from Impossible TV along with a Soundcloud upload of the theme.

On January 3rd, 2023, YouTuber Lucas’s Archive found and uploaded the pilot to his channel. The pilot served as the show's Christmas special with the most notable differences is the different voice cast and Meena's original name being Mona.

On February 22nd, 2023, LovelyAngel1004 contacted one of the writers Adam Peters via email about the show. A day later, he sent her scans of the inlays from the 5 fake VHS releases he made with information on each episode, the voice cast and other members of the production team.

On March 5th, 2023, LovelyAngel1004 then contacted Bennett via email only to confirm that he doesn't have any full episodes on hand. He then sent a photo of his old portfolio page with concept art from the series, a couple of days later he sent a WeTransfer containing more artwork and a small clip from the show.

On April 21st, 2023, Lucas’s Archive uploaded a Milkshake! December 2002 continuity and found the 26th and final episode of the show titled "Away", but won't upload it until he has the time to do so.

Voice Cast

The voice cast for the pilot of the show had 3 voice actors while the voice cast for the 2002 series had 5 and more voice actors as the whole tone changed for the show.


  • Nicola Stapleton as Audrey
  • Kate O'Sullivan as Meena (originally named as Mona), Constance, Valerie (Audrey's mom), Sienna (Audrey's dad's girlfriend)
  • Simon Schatzberger (credited as Simon Shatzberger) as Audrey's Dad, Jonny, Dave, Mr. Edgar

2002 Series

  • Elly Fairman as Audrey
  • Marina Niel as Meena
  • Lucinda Chambers as Constance
  • Tim Whitnall as various male characters
  • Catherine Vandome as Valerie (Audrey's mom), various characters

Episode List

# Episode Title Synopsis Status Notes
0 Pilot/Christmas Special Found VHS recording from December 22, 2001.
1 Valentine Audrey is disappointed when she doesn't get any Valentine's Day cards, especially when she learns that her best friends have got loads. Lost
2 Lost Dog Meena loses Audrey's beloved dog Rounball and refuses to look for him, leading to terrible arguments between the girls. Lost
3 Alt Healing Stan teaches Audrey and Meena how to do yoga, before introducing them to aromatherapy, crystals and a whole world of weirdness and danger. Lost
4 Jailbird Stan's mum is arrested on a political protest. As everyone at school starts picking on her, Stan turns to Audrey and Meena for help. Lost
5 Fruit Stan has started a fruit-only diet, but it's giving her terrible wind. How long can Audrey and Meena suffer without saying something? Lost
6 Shampoo Meena and Stan are both auditioning for a shampoo commercial, but who will get the part? And how well will the loser take it? Lost
7 Fads Audrey is worried that she's not 'cool' enough so she tries to change her ways. Can she transform herself into the coolest girl in town? Lost
8 Popstars The girls form a pop group in their quest for fame, but soon find themselves arguing about which of them should write the group's songs. Lost
9 Foreign Exchange Audrey's school has an exchange programme with a school in France. The girls are excited to discover who will be coming to stay with them. Lost
10 Ow Uh-oh! Things are getting a little painful for the girls. Stan is taken ill and Meena has an appointment with her super-scary dentist. Lost
11 Daydream Believer The girls are queuing up for a gig at the town's main music venue. They imagine what sort of cute boys they might meet at the concert. Lost
12 Rudley TV A new local TV station is looking for presenters. The girls get hold of a video camera and set about filming their own programmes. Lost
13 Sleepover Makeover The girls are spending the night over at Stan's house. Cue midnight chocolate binges, girlie gossip and ill-advised makeovers. Lost
14 Rounball in Love Audrey's dog Rounball has fallen in love with girl dog Jojo, but Jojo doesn't want to know. Can the girls work their match-making magic on the two canines? Lost
15 Stupid Boys Audrey's next-door neighbours Jonny and Dave come to stay while their Gran's in hospital. Audrey tries to teach the boys to be more grown-up. Lost
16 Heroes Audrey and Stan become heroes and get their photos in the local paper. Meena is annoyed and sets about trying to become a hero herself. Lost
17 Project The girls have to write about their best qualities. Audrey and Stan end up doing Meena's essay, but what can they say about her that's nice? Lost
18 Glam Stan Stan is going on a first date with a cute boy. Meena gives her coaching and advice, but how good a teacher is the self-styled Queen of Lurve? Lost
19 Silence Audrey has lost her voice. Mischievous Meena uses the situation to set her up on a date with the ugliest boy in school. Special guest star: Inkey Jones. Lost
20 Rounball at the Vets Rounball has been bothering girl dogs and there have been complaints. Audrey and her friends try to cure him of this behaviour, with mixed results. Lost
21 Hideous! Audrey wakes up to discover a huge spot of her chin. What can she do to get rid of it? Meena and Stan have some suggestions... Lost
22 Stan and Judey A cute boy is staying in Stan's house. Stan and Meena compete for his affections using increasingly desperate tactics. Lost
23 Run Rabbit Run Audrey's little brother Toby has just got an evil pet rabbit which is making her life hell. She enlists the girls to help her defend against it. Lost
24 Meena vs the World Meena's rudeness has gone too far, and the whole town has turned against her. Stan and Audrey have to teach her how to be nice - and fast! Lost
25 Diet Meena gets the other girls to join her in the new celebrity-endorsed Standing Diet. Is this the weirdest thing they've ever done? Sadly not... Lost
26 Away Audrey is moving to another town. Does this mean she'll never see Stan or Meena ever again? Time for tearful goodbyes. Lost



A Milkshake! promo that mentions the series.
Impossible TV 2012 showreel with a snippet of the show's opening.
YouTube upload of part of the show's intro.


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