MechaNick (partially found Milkshake! animated series; 2003)

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The DVD release of the show.

Status: Partially Found

MechaNick is a British children's animated series created by Peter Scott of Impossible TV from 2003 to 2004, running for a total of 80 seven-minute-long episodes airing on Channel 5's Milkshake! block.[1] Aside from a DVD and VHS release comprising the first eight episodes, the first episode was featured on a Milkshake! compilation DVD. With the exception of a few episodes, the remaining episodes of the series are considered to be lost.


Narrated by the recognisable Hugh Laurie, the show revolves around a mechanic named Nick living in the fictional Tooley Town, helping out the many residents there. Many of his friends include Spanner, a dog, as well as characters of different professions. At least one episode includes a musical number related to the current events of the storyline, alongside Nick's recurring motto "Where there's a wheel, there's a way!"

MechaNick was one of the few early shows of the time that were completely 3D-animated. 3ds Max was mainly used, which in itself made use of various plugins to reduce the animation production time through a four-day schedule.[2]

Episode List

Series 1

# Episode Title Status
1 The Professor's Car Found
2 Moose Gets Stuck Found
3 Traffic Jam Found
4 Stretch Limo Found
5 Mud Glorious Mud Found
6 Flying High Found
7 Board Stupid Found
8 School Outing Found
9 Sick Nick Lost
10 Double Decker Bus Lost
11 Bump Lost
12 Runaway Caravan Lost
13 Noise Annoys Lost
14 Nick's Birthday Lost
15 Nick and Rick Lost
16 The Float Lost
17 Meddling Ways Lost
18 Fire Engine Lost
19 Sleepy Austin Lost
20 The Radio Controlled Boat Found
21 The Big Wheel Lost
22 Practice Makes Perfect Lost
23 The Missing Car Lost
24 The Tandem Lost
25 Up, Up And Away Lost
26 I-spy Lost
27 Art Attack Lost
28 Roadworks Lost
29 Holiday Lost
30 The Clown Car Lost
31 The Wheelchair Partially Found
32 The Mayor's Cake Found
33 Spanner Goes Missing Lost
34 The Scarecrow Lost
35 Milkman Nick Lost
36 The Podmore Puppets Lost
37 Stop Look Listen Lost
38 The Race Lost
39 The Town Hall Clock Lost
40 Sheep Lost

Series 2

# Episode Title Status
1 Em's Garage Garden Lost
2 The Burglary Lost
3 Spanner and Axle Lost
4 Moose in a Mess Lost
5 Ricardo Razzmatazz Lost
6 Cannonball Nick Lost
7 Snowy Day Lost
8 Taxi to the Airport Lost
9 The Power Cut Lost
10 Heaven's Above Lost
11 The Ice Cream Van Lost
12 The Football Match Lost
13 Windy Day Lost
14 The Unicycle Lost
15 The Petrol Tanker Lost
16 The Train Lost
17 The Playground Lost
18 Stuck for Lunch Lost
19 Stormy Waters Lost
20 The Phone Box Lost
21 The Horsebox Lost
22 The Scooter Lost
23 The Homing Pigeon Lost
24 The Big Lorry Lost
25 Farmer Fred's Find Lost
26 The Helicopter Lost
27 The Horseshoe Lost
28 The Twins Lost
29 Spinning Jenny Lost
30 The Skating Rink Lost
31 The Cement Lorry Lost
32 Gym Jim Lost
33 The Mill Lost
34 Jumping for Joy Lost
35 The Lock Gates Lost
36 Hush a Bye Baby Lost
37 The Supermarket Trolley Lost
38 The Veteran Car Rally Lost
39 The Car Wash Lost
40 The Pavement Cleaner Lost

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