The Beeps (partially found Milkshake! CGI animated series; 2007-2008)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Beeps is a children's CGI animated series created by Malou Bonicos that aired on Channel 5's Milkshake! block from 2007-2008. The series' about a group of characters called the Beeps living their daily lives on Beep Island. The show also aired in over 65 different countries.


The show was originally pitched under the title The Wot-a-Lots as a stop-motion animated series with a test short titled "Wot-a-Splash!." The characters were made into 3D hand-crafted wooden models made by a group of animators at Cosgrove Hall Films Studios in Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester in the United Kingdom.[1] The network initially turned it down until 10 years later when the series was pitched again, but in CGI animation with the characters looking similar to the original short. The network then greenlit the show and went on to run for 65 episodes.


After its initial run, the show fell into obscurity with only 1 official DVD release titled Here Come The Beeps and very few episodes available to watch online until 2023 when 13 episodes were uploaded by various YouTubers. As of now, the rest of the series has yet to resurface.

Episode List

Series 1

# Episode Title Status
0 Wot-a-Splash! (1997 pilot) Found
0 2005 Pilot Found
1 The Lost Socks Found
2 Up High Hill Lost
3 Beeping in the Rain Found
4 Yuk's Stuck Truck Lost
5 The Sock Mess Monster Found
6 Pink Snow Found
7 Hide and Beep Lost
8 Beep Ball Lost
9 Beeping Trumpet Lost
10 What's That Noise? Found
11 Sky High Lost
12 Flutterbye Lost
13 Pet Hospital Lost
14 Teeny's Big Day Lost
15 The Big Freeze Found

Series 2

# Episode Title Status
16 Drozzle Dries Up Lost
17 Noisy Neighbour Lost
18 Sports Day Lost
19 Where No Beep Has Gone Before Lost
20 Bouncy Bouncy Beep Beep Lost
21 Big Beep Day Lost
22 Yuk Says No Lost
23 Wheely Helpful Lost
24 Teeny Beep Takes Off Lost
25 Carnival Lost
26 Peas and Bees Lost
27 Stuck on You! Lost
28 Hole Lot of Trouble Lost
29 A Little Adventure Found
30 The Lost Houses Lost
31 Bounceberry Pie Lost
32 Treasure Hunt Lost
33 Home Sweet Home Lost
34 Leafy's Hoe Lost
35 Brand New Bossy Lost
36 Twinkleberry Pie Found
37 The Great Pink Sunset Found
38 Bubble and Beep! Lost
39 Put a Sock in It! Lost
40 Crafty Beeps! Lost
41 Cure for Bossy Lost
42 Hunt the Beep Lost
43 Pets with Pets Lost
44 Source of the Sapphire Stream Found
45 Wash Those Socks! Lost
46 The Bumps Lost

Series 3

# Episode Title Status
47 Up Down Hill Lost
48 Caravan Lost
49 Secret Garden Lost
50 Bounceflower Tea Lost
51 The Whale Lost
52 Soggy Sockroaches Lost
53 Stinkroots Lost
54 Sing-a-long-a-Beeps Lost
55 History Book Lost
56 What Goes Splat? Lost
57 Musical Beeps Lost
58 Strung Along Lost
59 The Sock Tree Lost
60 Beepside the Seaside Lost
61 The Moon-Fruit Found
62 No Smoke Without Beeps Lost
63 Beep Island Blues Found
64 The Bees and the Socks Found
65 The Rainbow Found
66 Clean Beep Lost



The Beeps opening.


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