Angels of Jarm (partially lost Milkshake! animated series; 2007-2009)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Angels of Jarm is a British children's animated series made by Malou Bonicos that aired on Channel 5's Milkshake! block from 2007-2009. The series' about 4 young angels named Ellie, Mick, Rafe and Gabrielle that live together and help the children of the fictional town of Jarm overcome various problems.[1]


After the success of Bonicos' previous series The Beeps, Channel 5 approached her to make a new animated series aimed at preschoolers. In her words:

"I was so excited about this lovely new project, so eagerly accepted and started creating all the characters and their world straight away!"[2]

The network liked the pitch and ended up green-lighting the show.


After it ended, the show was running in syndication on the network until 2017. Since then, only a few episodes were uploaded online. In 2021, 40 of the shows 55 were uploaded online by YouTuber [bluefrogTV] until they ended up being taken down and were re-uploaded by LMW user LovelyAngel1004. As of 2024, the rest of the episodes have yet to resurface online.

On July 12, 2024, LMW user MixelOnYT found newspaper articles that mention the series. He explained that he found them from Malou Bonicos' Illustrator page on the series.

The following day, he found a Twitter screenshot from 2013 that had the series playing on a TV, but the episode that was played has not been identified.

Episode List

Series 1

# Episode Title Status
1 It's Mine! Found
2 The Picnic Found
3 Prayers Found
4 Sharing Found
5 Hats Off Found
6 Fate Found
7 It Was Him! Found
8 Penny's Cakes Found
9 The Special Meal Found
10 Dad's Day Out Found
11 Honesty is the Best Policy Found
12 Fatima's Mum Found
13 The New Coat Found
14 Super Scooter Found
15 Singing Angels Found
16 Symbols Found
17 Pick Me! Found
18 Hungry Ephraim Found
19 I'm Bigger Than You Found
20 The Caged Bird Found
21 Practice Makes Perfect Found

Series 2

# Episode Title Status
22 A Baby Sister Lost
23 A Jumper for Jess Lost
24 Promises Promises Lost
25 Dusty Day Lost
26 Noel's Tree Partially Found
27 Food for Thought Lost
28 Teacher Trouble Lost
29 Tidy Those Toys Lost
30 Spoil Sport Lost
31 Piggy in the Middle Lost
32 Snow Angels Lost
33 The Camel Lost
34 Toy Day Lost
35 Hello Hoppy Lost
36 Wheelchair Wayne Lost
37 Green Fingers Found
38 Jess in a Mess Found
39 Better Safe Than Sorry Found
40 I Can't Do It! Found
41 Broken Toy Found
42 Help I'm Stuck Found
43 The New Boy Found
44 Holiday Found
45 Every Cloud Found
46 Helping Otto Found
47 Best Friends Found
48 Animals Have Feelings Too Found
49 Missing Murali Found
50 Let's Make Music Found
51 The Chicken Found
52 Don't Touch Found
53 Poems and Prayers Found
54 Pulling Together Found
55 Patience Pays Found



Angels of Jarm opening.


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