Roary the Racing Car (partially found American dub of Channel 5 stop-motion animated series; 2008-2012)

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Roary title.jpeg

Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Roary the Racing Car is a children's stop-motion animated TV series that originally aired on Channel 5 in the UK from 2007-2010. The series consists of Roary and his racing friends at the Silver Hatch racing track.

American Dub

In 2008 PBS Kids Sprout picked up the series in the US and produced an American dub for the series,[1] along with a voice recast and accent changes (Maxi's accent changing from Italian to a Brooklyn one), some character's names were changed, for example, Cici was renamed Zizzy, Drifter to Dragga, Flash to Furzz, FB to Trucksy and Plugger to Lugga. The dub also switches out British terms with American ones.


Besides a few DVD releases and some episodes that were included as bonus features on other DVDs, the American dubbed episodes have been hard to come by. After the show ended its run on Sprout in 2012, future streaming platforms have since streamed the show with its original British dub. As of 2024, only 17 dubbed episodes have resurfaced.

Episode List

Season 1

# Episode Title Status
1 Roary's First Day Found
2 Roary Slips Up Lost
3 Big Chris Flags it Up Lost
4 Express Delivery Lost
5 Roary's Day at the Seaside Found
6 Roary Takes Off Found
7 Zizzy Takes the Blame Lost
8 Big Chris' Big Workout Found
9 Furzz Flips Out Lost
10 Rusty Remembers Lost
11 Easy on the Fuel Lost
12 Communication Breakdown Lost
13 Blue Light Job Lost
14 Make Your Mind Up Roary Lost
15 Workshop Roary Lost
16 Tip Top Tin Top Lost
17 Tunnel Vision Found
18 Molecom Makes Music Lost
19 Roary Goes Missing Lost
20 Mamma Mia Lost
21 Surround Sound Lost
22 Lugga's on the Case Lost
23 Big Chris Learns to Fly Found
24 Musical Mayhem Lost
25 Breaking Promises Lost
26 Secret Treasures Lost
27 Roary on Thin Ice Lost
28 Dragga's Last Day Lost
29 Out of Juice Lost
30 Roary's Wake Up Call Lost
31 Big Chris Says Sorry Lost
32 Maxi's New Engine Lost
33 Busy Day for Big Chris Lost
34 Tin Top Gets Scared Lost
35 Roary Loses a Friend Lost
36 Spooky Forest Lost
37 Trucksy in the Fast Lane Lost
38 Roary Goes Back to School Found
39 The Rabbit That Yelled Stop Lost
40 Zizzy Gets Fired Up Lost
41 Stars 'n' Cars Found
42 Crash Test Roary Lost
43 Roary Sees Red Found
44 Rusty Takes a Trip Found
45 Roary Cleans Up His Act Found
46 Green Eyed Roary Lost
47 Big Chris Forgets Found
48 Big Chris Babysits Found
49 Roary and Nigel Lost
50 Roary Gets It Wrong Found
51 Computer Calamity Found
52 Roary Digs Deep Lost

Season 2

# Episode Title Status
53 Zizzy Spectacular Found
54 Dodgems Lost
55 Furzz the Marshall Lost
56 Tall Story Roary Lost
57 Hot Stuff Lost
58 Car Boot Sale Lost
59 Horse Powered Dinkie Lost
60 Law and Order Lost
61 Furzz's Tea Party Lost
62 Trucksy's Sleepover Lost
63 Hellie's a Winner Lost
64 Cry Cold Lost
65 Marsha's Wonderful Life Lost
66 Let's Hear it for Big Chris Lost
67 Funny Business Lost
68 Nick Solves the Case Lost
69 Simply the Best Lost
70 Zizzy Wins the Day Lost
71 Heavy Loada Lost
72 Testing Time for Maxi Lost
73 Mom's the Word Lost
74 How the Hatch Was Won Lost
75 Go Gadget James and Maxi Lost
76 Mr Carburettor or Bust Lost
77 Home is Where the Hatch Is Lost
78 Putting on a Show Lost
79 Motor Mouth Lost
80 Dancing Queen Lost
81 Homesick Tin Top Found
82 Save Our Tree Lost
83 New Juice Lost
84 Trucksy for Soccer Lost
85 Mr Carburettor's Birthday Suit Lost
86 Big Bangs Lost
87 Silver Hatch Pizza Lost
88 The Silver Hatch Stars Lost
89 High-Tech Overload Lost
90 Workshop Chaos Lost
91 Silver Hatch Shapes Up Lost
92 It's Go, Go, Go at Silver Hatch Lost
93 Pit Stop Perils Lost
94 Demolition Derby Lost
95 Manners Please Lost
96 Big Chris' Big Jump Lost
97 Crash Landing Lost
98 Lugga's New Job Lost
99 Big Chris Gets Lucky Lost
100 Silver Hatch Fun Run Lost
101 Silver Hatch Heroes Lost
102 Officer Roary Lost
103 Winter Breeze Lost
104 Brassless Band Lost


The US dub opening to the show.

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