Driven (partially found VH1 documentary series; 2001-2006)

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The title card of the Kelly Clarkson episode.

Status: Partially Found

Driven was a documentary series that aired on VH1 from 2001 to October 14, 2006[1]. The show documented popular and famous pop icons (music artists and television personalities) of the time, detailing their road to stardom. Driven was part of VH1's large slate of documentary programs, such as Behind The Music, BTM2, and Legends.

Driven ran for a total of 62 episodes over 4 seasons. A scarce number of episodes have been made online, and thus, many episodes of the show have become lost to time.

Episode list[2]

Regular episodes

Episode Availability
*NSYNC Partially Lost
American Idol Kelly Clarkson Partially Found
Anna Kournikova Lost
Ashanti Found
Ashton Kutcher Lost
Avril Lavigne Found
Beyonce Found
Brandy Part ially Lost
Britney Spears Found
Carmen Electra Partially Lost
Celine Dion Found
Christina Aguilera Partially Found
Cutthroat Lost
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Lost
Dark Roots: The Unauthorized Anna Nicole Found
Dave Matthews Found
Dixie Chicks Lost
Enrique Iglesias Partially Found
Eve Found
Flavor Flav Lost
Fred Durst Found
Green Day Found
Halle Berry Lost
Jamie Foxx Found
Janet Jackson Found
Jay-Z Found
Jennifer Garner Lost
Jennifer Lopez Found
Jessica Simpson Partially Found
Kanye West Partially Lost
Kid Rock Lost
LL Cool J Partially Found
LeAnn Rimes Lost
Lil' Kim Found
Lindsay Lohan Found
Lisa Marie Presley Partially Found
Madonna Found
Marilyn Manson Found
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Partially Lost
Mike Tyson Found
Missy Elliott Partially Found
Motley Crue Found
Nas Found
Nelly Partially Found
Notorious B.I.G. Partially Lost
Outkast Partially Lost
P!nk Found
Shakira Found
Shania Twain Found
Snoop Dogg Lost
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Found
The Secret Life of Kurt Cobain Found
Tim McGraw Lost
Toby Keith Lost
Tupac Shakur Thug Angel: The Life of an Outlaw Partially Lost
Tyra Banks Lost
Usher Lost
"Weird Al" Yankovic Found(1|2|3|4|5|6)
Whitney Houston Found

Presents episodes

Episode Availability
Pamela Anderson Lost
Paula Abdul Found
Stage Moms Lost

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