Surviving Nugent (partially found VH1 reality show; 2003-2004)

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Frame of the Opening

Status: Partially Found


This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its inappropriate visuals, adult humor, and disturbing content.

Surviving Nugent was an American reality TV show hosted by Ted Nugent that aired on the VH1 network for Two Seasons between 2003 and 2004. First with a 2-hour special and then, a follow-up four-part series a year later titled "Surviving Nugent: The Ted Commandments".[1]


Seven participants disputed in a trial of extreme competitions, set by the unhinged rockstar and huntsman Host.[2] It was a violently hazardous show, having someone being rushed to ER every episode and even Ted Himself surviving a Chainsaw incident.[3] The first 2-hour special took place in his Michigan ranch and the second 4-part series, the ted commandments, in his Texas ranch.

The first reward was a new pickup truck and $25,000, the second was $100,00.[4][5]


  • Tila Tequila
  • Jack Benza
  • Kara
  • Joe
  • Sarah Sue Roberts
  • Darren

Second Season

  • Danielle
  • Sajen Corona
  • Dawn Arellano
  • Ariel
  • Bob
  • Nakia
  • Erik
  • Josh Silberman
  • Riyak
  • Lin


Allegations about the competitions from this forum thread[6] , as well as this video of the opening on youtube [7] describe some of the most crazy moments ever transmitted on a reality tv show, what includes:

  • Participants being forced to pick up and carry around manure with their bare hands.
  • Playing Chicken with Ted's pickup truck barreling towards participants at 64 km/h, the later they dive out of the way, the more money they receive. This resulted in the first participant not diving, getting run over, flying over the hood of the truck and into the windshield, falling onto the ground, unconscious and twitching, until an ambulance takes him away.
  • Ted burying four participants in cold, muddy water until someone gives up. This went on to the point where Ted was offering $10,000 to whomever gave up and got out of the water first. Nobody took the offer. One participant was taken away in an ambulance with a body temperature of 32.8°C
  • A participant described as "the vegan girl" getting a tattoo on her ass saying "PROPERTY OF TED NUGENT."
  • Participants being made to crawl through an electrified obstacle course, a la Mission Impossible laser sensor style.
  • Some sort of competition requiring participants to run from Ted through a tall grass field as he attempts to hunt them with a net gun in a helicopter.
  • Catching manure with your head using a bucket attached to a helmet. Something that resulted in two guys tied up, in a tub of mud or manure, that ends with them kissing.
  • His teenage son throwing eggs at the participants.
  • Some sort of competition or scene involving two demolition derby cars smashing into each other.


In December 2023, Internet Archive user Gaomon777 uploaded the first three episodes of season 2. As of January 2023, these are the only pieces of content of the show that have been found, aside from a few clips and stills.



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