VH1's Legends (partially lost music documentary series; 1995-2002)

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The title card of the Bruce Springsteen episode.

Status: Partially Lost

VH1's Legends was a musical documentary series that ran on VH1 from 1995 to January 13th, 2002[1]. The show profiles the "greatest and most influential musicians of the time", who have made a significant impact on the music industry. The format was similar to that of fellow VH1 show Behind The Music, with Legends documenting more significant artists[2].

Legends ran for a total of 29 episodes over 3 seasons. Although many episodes have been made available online, there are some episodes that have been lost to time. 16 episodes have been found in full (with one in poor quality), while the others are either partially lost (either missing the first few seconds or portions) or lost.

Episode List[3][4]

Season 1

# Episode Availability
1 The Who Found
2 The Grateful Dead Found
3 Marvin Gaye Partially Found
4 Eric Clapton Found
5 The Doors Found
6 U2 Found
7 David Bowie Found
8 Johnny Cash Partially Found
9 Tina Turner Found
10 Curtis Mayfield Partially Lost
11 Aretha Franklin Found
12 Elton John Found
13 John Fogerty Found
14 B.B. King Found
15 Stevie Ray Vaughan Found
16 Queen Found
17 Bruce Springsteen Found
18 Janis Joplin Found
19 Led Zeppelin Found
20 John Lennon Found

Season 2

# Episode Availability
1 The Pretenders Found (poor quality)
2 George Clinton Found
3 The Clash Lost
4 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Found
5 Neil Young Found
6 Bee Gees Found

Season 3

# Episode Availability
1 Jimi Hendrix Found
2 Sam Cooke Found
3 Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Partially Lost

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