VH1 Storytellers (partially lost concert series; 1996-2015)

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The logo of the show.

Status: Partially Lost

VH1 Storytellers was a live concert series that aired from February 6, 1996, to January 24, 2015[1]. Similar to its sister show MTV Unplugged, Storytellers showcased famous artists performing their songs in front of a live audience, with many of the songs being played acoustically. They would also tell stories regarding their music (mainly the songs they would be playing) and their songwriting experiences.

While some episodes of Storytellers have been released either through CDs, DVDs, and streaming platforms, footage from many other episodes of the show has yet to surface online.

Episodes List

# Episode Status
1 Ray Davies Found
2 Jackson Browne Found
3 Elvis Costello Found
4 Lyle Lovett Partially Found
5 Sting Found
6 The Black Crowes Found
7 Melissa Etheridge Found
8 Garth Brooks Partially Found
9 Bee Gees Found
10 James Taylor Partially Found
11 James Taylor Episode 2 Lost
12 Phil Collins Found
13 Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash Found
14 John Fogerty Found
15 Counting Crows Found
16 Billy Joel Partially Lost
17 Billy Joel Episode 2 Found
18 Elton John Found
19 Paul Simon Found
20 Sarah McLachlan with Paula Cole Partially Found
21 Shawn Colvin Lost
22 Rod Stewart Found
23 Culture Club Partially Lost
24 Bonnie Raitt Lost
25 Ringo Starr Found
26 Hanson for VH1 Save The Music Lost
27 Stevie Nicks Found
28 Sheryl Crow Partially Lost
29 Natalie Merchant Partially Lost
30 John Mellencamp Found (60 minute version)

Partially Lost (90 minute version)

31 Meat Loaf Found
32 R.E.M. Found
33 Tori Amos Found
34 Tony Bennett and the Backstreet Boys Partially Found
35 Dave Matthews feat. Tim Reynolds Found
36 Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Found
37 Tom Waits Found
38 Jewel Found
39 The Pretenders Partially Lost
40 Alanis Morissette Found
41 Def Leppard Found
42 David Bowie Found
43 Lenny Kravitz Found
44 Wyclef Jean and Friends Lost
45 Eurythmics Found
46 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Found
47 Steely Dan Found
48 Don Henley Lost
49 Pete Townshend Found(1|2|3|4)
50 Stone Temple Pilots Found
51 Bon Jovi Found
52 No Doubt Found
53 Duran Duran Found
54 The Smashing Pumpkins Found
55 A Tribute to The Doors Found
56 Matchbox Twenty Partially Lost
57 Travis Partially Lost
58 Electric Light Orchestra Found
59 Billy Idol Found
60 Train & Fuel Partially Found
61 Goo Goo Dolls Found
62 Robert Plant Partially Found
63 Green Day Found
64 Bruce Springsteen Found
65 Coldplay Found
66 Dave Matthews Band Partially Found
67 Pearl Jam Found
68 Dixie Chicks Found
69 Jay-Z Partially Found
70 Mary J. Blige Found(1|2|3|4)
71 Snoop Dogg Partially Found
72 Kid Rock Partially Found
73 Kanye West Partially Lost
74 ZZ Top Lost
75 Foo Fighters Found
76 John Mayer Found
77 Christina Aguilera Partially Lost
78 Infant Sorrow Lost
79 T.I. Found
80 Kings of Leon Partially Lost
81 Cee-Lo Green Lost
82 Death Cab for Cutie Partially Lost
83 My Morning Jacket Found
84 Ray LaMontagne Partially Lost
85 Maxwell Partially Found
86 Jill Scott Partially Found
87 Jason Mraz Partially Found
88 Norah Jones Partially Found
89 Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Partially Found
90 Taylor Swift Found
91 Alicia Keys Found
92 P!nk Partially Found
93 Ed Sheeran Found


The only way more episodes of the show can surface is through home recordings of VH1 airings of the show. Apart from that, there are currently reruns of the show on MTV Live[2], though there is a limited variety of episodes being aired. Lastly, select episodes of the show have been made available on Paramount+[3]and iTunes, and from the artists, themselves, such as Bruce Springsteen[4]and the Dixie Chicks.

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