Fries With That? (found YTV sitcom; 2004)

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Promotional poster for the show.

Status: Found

Date found: 22 Feb 2022

Found by: Moriah Lambier, Visa Za

Fries With That? was a Canadian sitcom that aired on YTV in 2004. The show follows a group of friends in high school as they work at a fast-food restaurant called "Bulky's". Fries With That? was inspired by a Quebec French comedy show titled Une grenade avec ça? ("A Grenade With That?"). The show received low ratings despite a two-season run and was cancelled after season two.


Fries With That? aired on YTV from April 15th, 2004, until December 18th, 2004. The show ran for two seasons on YTV but was cancelled shortly after the completion of season 2. The show went off the air in 2006 and returned for re-runs in 2010. Eventually, it was later replaced by a teen prank show titled Prank Patrol making it the last time that Fries With That? aired on television.


Fries With That? revolves around a group of friends high school friends who work at a fast-food restaurant called "Bulky's" in Montreal, Quebec. Throughout most of the show, Pattie, Robyn, Tess, and Alex are way too concerned with friends, dating, body image, and being the in-crowd to bother much with actually working. Meanwhile, manager Ben is always going haywire over the rest of the crew not working and trying to get them to work.[1]


  • Alex played by Morgan Kelly
  • Pattie played by Jeanne Bowser
  • Robyn played by Stéfanie Buxton
  • Ben played by Giancarlo Caltabiano
  • Tess played by Anne-Marie Baron



Despite the fact that Fries With That? tanked in the ratings, the show won three awards. The first award was the Certificate of Recognition/Media of Print, at the 52nd Columbus International Film and Video Festival. The second award won was the Silver Remi Award in the TV Series/Family/Children category at the 37th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Independent Film Festival in 2004. The third and final award Fries With That? won was the Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series at the 20th Gemini awards in 2005.[3]


Due to the overall failure of Fries With That?, no home media was made available. The show had reruns airing sporadically from 2004 until 2006 and again in 2010. While not confirmed, re-runs of Fries With That? were also rumoured to have aired throughout 2008 during early morning hours on YTV.

Nearly the entirety of Fries With That? would remain lost until February of 2013, when sixteen episodes of the first season would resurface on YouTube via a user by the name of nhsadm. (Though the videos on the channel have since been blocked due to copyright claims, and later taken down.)

Following this, a few more episodes have also resurfaced in the coming years and in mid-February 2022, the whole series would be uploaded to Youtube via a user named Moriah Lambier, helped by a user named Th3ch0s3n0n3s, while the episodes were recorded via a Facebook user by the name of Visa Za.

Episode List

# Title Air Date Status
1 The Expendables April 15th, 2004 Found
2 Metal Mouth April 14th, 2004 Found
3 Coach Pattie April 4th, 2004 Found
4 Robyn The Boss April 29th, 2004 Found
5 Everyone's Alex May 17th, 2004 Found
6 Help Unwanted April 20th, 2004 Found
7 Where's The Ham? May 10th, 2004 Found
8 The Ben Effect May 3rd, 2004 Found
9 The Campaign May 6th, 2004 Found
10 Undercover Guy May 12th, 2004 Found
11 Alex's Last Chapter April 11th, 2004 Found
12 Curse of the Tess People April 19th, 2004 Found
13 The Competition April 22th, 2004 Found
14 Candid Camera May 19th, 2004 Found
15 A Phone For Ben April 21st, 2004 Found
16 As Fate Would Have It May 11th, 2004 Found
17 Mobyn and Myan April 26th, 2004 Found
18 The Cold Shoulder April 27th, 2004 Found
19 Music For Your Mouths May 5th, 2004 Found
20 Tiger Man May 25th, 2004 Found
21 Alternative Ben May 4th, 2004 Found
22 Foreign Affairs May 18th, 2004 Found
23 The Love Potion May 20th, 2004 Found
24 A Side Order Of Love May 24th, 2004 Found
25 While Supplies Last May 13th, 2004 Found
26 Mini Ben May 28th, 2004 Found
27 Ben Bites Sept 9th, 2004 Found
28 Alex Takes Over Sept 14th, 2004 Found
29 For A Limited Time Only Sept 16th, 2004 Found
30 Burgatron 9000 Sept 21st, 2004 Found
31 Dearly Departed Sept 23rd, 2004 Found
32 The Prankster Sept 28th, 2004 Found
33 Peace, Love, And Misunderstanding Sept 30th, 2004 Found
34 Pass/Fail Oct 5th, 2004 Found
35 The Soup Kitchen Oct 7th, 2004 Found
36 The Food Critic Oct 12th, 2004 Found
37 Heart Of The Matter Oct 14th, 2004 Found
38 One Alex To Go Oct 19th, 2004 Found
39 The Return Of A Man Called Smith Nov 4th, 2004 Found
40 Drive-thru Speaker Bandit Nov 9th, 2004 Found
41 The Hottie Sept 7th, 2004 Found
42 Flipping Over You Oct 21th, 2004 Found
43 The Haunted Oct 28th, 2004 Found
44 Mortimer's Makeover Nov 23rd, 2004 Found
45 Love and War Nov 2nd, 2004 Found
46 Catering On The Side Nov 25th, 2004 Found
47 Shake, Cattle and Roll Nov 30th, 2004 Found
48 Love, Robyn Style Dec 2nd, 2004 Found
49 Sleeping with the Fish Sticks Nov 11th, 2004 Found
50 Dirty Burger Nov 18th, 2004 Found
51 Robyn... and Eddy Nov 16th, 2004 Found
52 It's A Wonderful Christmas Time, Ben Shaw Dec 18th, 2004 Found

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