Treasure (partially found BBC animated series; 2001-2002)

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The main protagonist of the series.

Status: Partially Found

Treasure is an animated series based on a newspaper column written by Michele Hanson, later collected in novel form as Treasure: The Trials of a Teenage Terror. The column (and the series) follow the life of a troublesome teenage girl named Treasure, as well as how her mother and grandmother handle her behavior. The series was a co-production between BBC Bristol in the United Kingdom and CINAR (later known as Cookie Jar Entertainment) in Canada. 26 10-minute segments (13 half-hours) are said to have been produced, though two of the episodes found so far contain multiple shorter segments.

The series is known to have aired on BBC2 in the United Kingdom and YTV in Canada. Some additional footage of the show can be found in a promo for the show airing on YTV's short-lived teen-oriented "Limbo" block. (While the block ended in 2001, the show continued to air on YTV without any special branding until at least 2002.)

At least two episodes were released officially on DVD. "We Love Animals / Nightmare On Oxford St." was available on the Cookie Jar Christmas Cartoon Collection[1] and "When Mum Met Brian; Grandma's Room" was on Dark Oracle: The Complete Series [2]

One complete half-hour episode was originally uploaded by Angelus Summers to YouTube in 2013, containing "Two Faces of Treasure" and "Nightmare on Oxford St.", as well as a partial recording containing part of "Little Black Dress", "Night Club", and all of "Card Sharks" and "War Zone". Both of these recordings are direct VHS rips from the show's airing on YTV, with the complete episode including commercials from the time.

On July 20, 2020, Lost Media Wiki user EvansT uploaded another episode of the series, this time from its airing on BBC2. This episode contains the segments "Des Res", "Eco Treasure", "Vote for Me", "Big Day Out", and "Cat Walk".

On September 6, 2020, Lost Media Wiki user m0rshh discovered another upload of the 'Little Black Dress/Card Sharks/Night Club/War Zone' episode on the Vermont International Film Festival's Vimeo page with all segments intact. A comment linking to the episode was left right here on this page, but apparently that wasn't the best place to announce the discovery. The episode remained hidden in plain sight until April 17 2022, when m0rshh decided to just go ahead and update the page himself. He hopes he didn't mess anything up while editing.

Episode Status

# Title Air Date Status
1 A Mum's Romance/Grandma's Room Found
2 A Little Black Dress/Card Sharks/Night Club/War Zone Found
3 A Feminine Mystique/Treasure's Party Lost
4 Goldfish Murder/The Big Sleep Over Found
5 Dog's Eyeball/What Do We Want Lost
6 Two Wheels Good/Grandma Wins Prize Lost
7 Treasure Is Not Stupid/Everyone Go Away Lost
8 Treasure In Space/Links With Europe Lost
9 Fit For Life/Feeding Treasure Lost
10 Fame/Who Are We? Lost
11 Unwelcome Visitor/Milestone Year Lost
12 Eco Treasure/Big Day Out Found
13 Two Faces Of Treasure/Nightmare On Oxford St. Found


"Two Faces of Treasure", "Nightmare on Oxford St."
"Des Res", "Eco Treasure", "Vote for Me", "Big Day Out", "Cat Walk"
"Little Black Dress", "Card Sharks", "Night Club", "War Zone"
The promo for Treasure begins at 4:37.

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