PSV Eindhoven 2-1 E.V.V. Eindhoven (lost footage of Netherlands Football League Championship match; 1950)

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Cameras capturing footage of the game.

Status: Lost

On 10th September 1950, PSV Eindhoven hosted E.V.V. Eindhoven (now FC Eindhoven) for a Netherlands Football League Championship Eerste Klasse E match at the Philips Stadion. PSV won the encounter 2-1, contributing towards them winning the group, and eventually the 1950/51 Championship play-offs. The game is also significant for being the first football match to be televised live in the Netherlands.


Heading into the match, PSV and Eindhoven were both battling to top Eerste Klasse E, so they could compete in the 1950/51 Netherlands Football League Championship playoffs.[1] Back then, matches between the two Eindhoven clubs were called the Lichtstad Derby (City of Light Derby), considering the two teams' competitiveness in the 1940s and 1950s.[2] Following Eindhoven's decline in the 1970s, PSV's main Eredivisie rival is Ajax, while Eindhoven typically views Helmond Sport as its biggest competitor.[2]

PSV were enduring a consistently strong season, making them the favourites heading into the event.[3] Ultimately, despite Eindhoven scoring a goal in their encounter on 10th September 1950, the home side proved too strong, winning the encounter 2-1.[4][3] PSV would top Eerste Klasse E with 37 points compared to runners-up Eindhoven with 32.[1][3] PSV therefore proceeded to the Championship play-off, scoring 13 points to win the title ahead of DWS, Willem II, Blauw-Wit Amsterdam, and SC Heerenveen.[3][1]

From a television standpoint, the match is notable for being the first to be televised live in the Netherlands.[5][6][3][4] It was conducted by Phillips, the owners of PSV, as part of 264 test broadcasts in Eindhoven from 1948 to 1951 to assist with the eventual release of television nationwide.[6][5][3][4] Having also recently started the 625-line PET transmissions six days prior, it meant it was one of the earliest programs to be shown in 625-line across Europe.[6] The match occurred prior to Netherlands' official introduction of television in 1951, resulting in the PSV-Eindhoven match receiving a very limited viewership, restricted further by requiring to view it from a Phillips television set.[5][6][3][4] Nevertheless, it proved a success trial run, prompting the further development of Dutch football on television.[5][6][3][4]


Ultimately, the match was televised live in an era where telerecordings were rare until videotape was perfected in the late-1950s.[7] The broadcast is therefore extremely unlikely to resurface, although some photos can be found online.


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