1951 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1951)

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Newcastle United Captain Joe Harvey celebrating winning the trophy with his teammates.

Status: Partially Found

The 1951 FA Cup Final culminated the end of the 70th FA Cup season. Occurring on 28th April 1951 in front of 100,000 at Wembley Stadium, the match saw Newcastle United defeat Blackpool 2-0 to claim its fourth FA Cup.


Newcastle United and Blackpool were both First Division members,[1] and thus entered the tournament in the Third Round Proper.[2] Newcastle's road to the Final saw it defeat Bury, Bolton Wanderers, Stoke City, Bristol Rovers, and Wolverhampton Wanderers.[3][2] Meanwhile, Blackpool's campaign saw it overcome Charlton Athletic, Stockport County, Mansfield Town, Fulham, and Birmingham City.[2] Newcastle had previously won the FA Cup three times, having last won it in 1932.[4] Meanwhile, Blackpool were seeking their first crown, having previously been runners-up in the 1948 edition.[5]

In a recording that was auctioned in May 2012, the Newcastle team were confident of their chances.[6] Striker George Robledo predicted the score, singing "Roses are red, violets are blue, Blackpool none, Newcastle two."[6] Meanwhile, Blackpool were more cautious, with Tommy Garrett stating "I come from Sunderland so I know what to expect from those Geordies. It will certainly be a hard game."[6] Unlike the previous FA Cup Final, both teams wore their traditional kits.[7] The second-half of the match would be televised live by the BBC, with commentary provided by Jimmy Jewell and Kenneth Wolstenholme.[8][9][10] This would mark Jewell's last commentary of an FA Cup Final, as he would pass away the following year.[11][10]

The Match

The Final took place on 28th April in front of 100,000 spectators.[12][10] The first-half saw neither side break the deadlock, with suspicions that both teams were suffering from Wembley nerves.[12][7] Nevertheless, it appeared Blackpool settled down first, with most its chances coming from Stanley Matthews.[12] However, the team's forwards were unable to capitalise on his wing-plays.[12][7] Five minutes into the second-half, Newcastle took the lead when Jackie Milburn broke through Blackpool's offside trap, beating the goalkeeper George Farm from 15 yards to make it 1-0.[12][10][7]

From there, Newcastle controlled play, as Blackpool seemed unable to recover from this setback.[12] Five minutes later, Milburn made it 2-0 thanks to a 25-yard strike that Farm failed to save.[12][10][7] Newcastle defended its two goal cushion for the remaining 35+ minutes to claim its fourth FA Cup.[12][4][3] Since then, Newcastle has won six FA Cups overall, the last being in 1955.[3][4] Meanwhile, Blackpool would win its first, and as of the present day, only, FA Cup in 1953.[5]


Ultimately, the Final was televised live in an era where telerecordings were rare, with video tape not being perfected until the late-1950s.[13][14] Telerecordings at the BBC did occasionally occur prior to 1951, as some footage of the 30th November 1949 match between England and Italy still exists within the BBC archives.[13] However, the BBC confirmed that the only match featuring commentary from Jewell with surviving footage is indeed the aforementioned England-Italy game.[13] Thus, all televised footage of the 1951 FA Cup Final is permanently missing.[13][10] Nevertheless, some newsreel footage of the event remains publicly available.



Movietone News newsreel of the match.

British Pathé newsreel of the match.

Highlights of the match.

The trophy parade.


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