Sonic Triple Trouble (lost Master System conversion of Sega Game Gear platformer; 1994)

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Box art of the Game Gear version of the game.

Status: Lost

Sonic Triple Trouble (known as Sonic and Tails 2 in Japan) was a 1994 video game developed by Aspect and released for Sega's handheld video game system, the Game Gear. The game was a sequel to 1993's Sonic Chaos and was originally named Sonic Chaos 2 (although this was likely a placeholder title).[1] The game, however, was originally planned to get a port to Sega's other 8-bit console, the Sega Master System, a common practice for the Sonic handheld games.


In the 90's, there were several Sonic the Hedgehog companion titles designed for Sega's two 8-Bit consoles (Game Gear and Master System). These would be designed for one of the systems and then converted over to the others. The Master System versions of these games would be released almost exclusively in Europe and Brazil as those were the markets where the Master System was successful and Sonic Triple Trouble was planned to be no different.


Little is known about the development of the Master System version of Sonic Triple Trouble. No prototypes for this version exist. This is likely due to the conversion process only being done at the very end of development (as it is quite a simple process as both the Game Gear and Master System have almost identical hardware). Therefore, it is unknown if the conversion ever happened. It was likely cancelled late into the development of the Game Gear game. The last mention of the Master System version was October, the month when the game came out.[2]


Due to the nature of the game, being a direct conversion from the Game Gear to the Master System, it would have likely contained all the features and levels as the Game Gear version of the game, but with a bigger field of view.

Planned Release Date and Cancellation

The game was planned to be released alongside the Game Gear version in October of 1994.[3] It is unknown why it was cancelled. Sonic Triple Trouble recieved very little coverage in gaming magazines (usually only a paragraph) and an official reason for cancellation was never mentioned. This version of the game would have been exclusively released in Europe, as the Master System was considered a failure in the United States and Japan.


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