Sonic Sports (lost build of cancelled Sega 32X sports game; 1995)

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Gameplayers March1995 SonicSports.jpg

The only confirmation of the game's existence.

Status: Lost

Sonic Sports was to be a spin-off game planned to launch on the SEGA 32X in 1995, with playable characters like Sonic and Tails. It was also planned to be the first appearance of Ristar in a Sonic game, predating Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed by 15 years, and was planned to have sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer.[1] The reason for its cancellation is unknown but was possibly due to the poor sales of the 32X, so it was possibly shelved by the end of the console's run. In fact, Development kits came out very late, leaving little time for game development before the 32X release.[2]


No screenshots are known to exist, the only confirmation of the game's existence was in the March 1996 release of the now-defunct GamePlayers magazine, which claimed that SEGA Development team Scavenger was working on other 32X games and the aforementioned Sonic Sports game for the 32x. The magazine also states that the reader should be on the lookout for the SEGA Neptune, which was never released due to decreasing demand for the SEGA Genesis. As of 2018, no claims or screenshots have resurfaced, so it remains lost.

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