Sister Sonic (lost build of cancelled "Sonic the Hedgehog" localization of "Popful Mail" Sega CD side-scrolling platformer; 1993)

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Popful Mail Cover.jpg

The cover for Popful Mail, the game that came out due to fan backlash.

Status: Lost

Sister Sonic is a cancelled role-playing video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game was set to be developed by Sega Falcom (Which was Sega and Nihon Falcom partnering up to create Sega ports of many of Falcom's iconic games) and was to be released on the Sega CD (Mega CD in Japan and Europe).[1] Sister Sonic was going to be an full remake of the Japanese PC-8801 game Popful Mail by Nihon Falcom, with the cast of characters being replaced with Sonic characters, as well as introducing Sonic's female relative Sister Sonic in place of Mail (the player character) herself. The game was set to be released worldwide, not just in North America.[2]

History and Cancellation

In 1993, gaming magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly reported on a rumor in their Gaming Gossip section, of a new RPG game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series titled Sister Sonic and was possibly going to be unveiled at the Toy Fair in June of that year. Despite the report, Sister Sonic was not shown at the event.

Upon hearing about the game's existence, fans sent many angry letters to Sega Falcom, urging the developers to not change the game and release it in its original, unaltered state. Due to the overwhelmingly negative feedback, the game was delayed and eventually cancelled. Instead what was released was an UnSonic-ified version of Popful Mail titled Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure for the Sega CD/Mega CD in 1994 in Japan, and the following year for western audiences. In a later issue, EGM made note of this event and the power of consumer's abilities to influence video game company's decisions.


No prototypes, screenshots, or videos of Sister Sonic have ever been released and it's unknown how much progress the game had made before it was cancelled.


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