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Status: Partially Found

Just some person who writes articles.

Articles created

Article Notes
Total Drama "Exclusive Clips" (partially lost bonus material from Canadian animated series; 2007-2014) My first article. This has been a very popular topic and piece of lost media in the TD community. Wish there was more attention to it.
BTM2 (partially found VH1 documentary series; 2000) The first VH1 article which only took a half hour to write.
Brand Sins (partially lost videos from YouTube channel; 2015-2017) The first lost internet media article I wrote. Plan on writing more since it's a really interesting category.
Pop Up Video (partially found VH1 music series; 1996-2012) The second VH1 article and quite possibly my longest article yet. It took hours of research to catalog these episode, and even more time spent writing the article itself.
VH1's Legends (partially lost music documentary series; 1995-2002) To be honest, it's a shame many of these VH1 music/celebrity documentary series have not been archived properly. Like a ton of 90's-00's shows have become lost media.
Driven (partially found VH1 documentary series; 2001-2006) Another lost VH1 documentary series, how amazing.
Making the Video (partially found MTV series; 1999-2010) The first MTV article and probably not my last. This took hours to write as usual.
VH1 Storytellers (partially lost concert series; 1996-2015) I’m throwing in the towel on these VH1 articles. I’ve already created the ones that are most important.

not yet actually

MrBeast (partially found deleted videos from YouTube channel; 2014-2018)
Never Mind the Buzzcocks (partially found American adaptation of British panel game; 2002) Shortlived VH1 show that apparently nobody liked.
Where Are They Now? (partially found VH1 documentary series; 1999-2004) It sucks that a ton of programming from late 90s-early 00s VH1 have become lost media especially when they drifted away from their original purpose as a music channel.
Chowder (lost pop-up trivia version of episodes of Cartoon Network animated series; 2010) A topic that came about when I was researching about other shows with pop-up trivia episodes. Decided to do a quick article for it.
Hall of Game Awards (partially found annual awards show; 2011-2014) CN's first and only attempt at having their own KCAs.

The only good thing to come out of this was having Mordecai and Rigby guest host.


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