Weird-Oh's (partially lost American/Canadian CGI animated series; 1999)

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The series' logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Weird-Oh's was a short-lived animated series about wacky characters having adventures in a town called "Weirdsville." The main characters are Digger, Wade, Portia, and Eddie. Based on the 1960s Weird-Oh's toys, the series only had 13 episodes (26 segments). The shows home media releases consisted of 3 VHS releases and 9 DVD releases. The show also has an unaired pilot.

It debuted on Fox Kids in 1999 but was cancelled due to poor ratings and brought back in 2000 on YTV in Canada in reruns.[1] From November 2000 to January 2001, ADV released the entire series (excluding the unaired pilot) in 3 cassettes titled Lights! Camera! Traction!, Wheel Trouble!, and Traffic Jam! but only in United States and Canada. In 2005 YTV released the entire series onto DVD, and ADV released Lights! Camera! Traction! and Wheel Trouble! onto DVD in spring of 2005. Lights! Camera! Traction! was released on DVD on August 1, 2009, and Grand Theft Weird-Oh was released on DVD in 2010 exclusively in the Netherlands but only in Dutch. All releases of this show are extremely rare to come by and due to limited production, only 500 copies got sent out to market for every release.

For years, the show achieved something of an online cult following due to its obscurity, although all aired episodes were eventually found in English, with some French dubs remaining lost. As of 2023, the unaired pilot is the only episode not to have been completely found in any language. Only the 'tank sequence' is left to preserve its existence.

List of Episodes

# Episode Title English Dub French Dub
0 Unaired Pilot Partially Found N/A
1 Black-Eyed Babysitters Found Found
2 Diary of a Mad Sister Found Found
3 Daddy Dismissed Found Found
4 Rebel Without a Ride Found Found
5 R.I.P. Off Wade Found Found
6 Lights, Camera, Traction Found Found
7 Gods and Monster Trucks Found Partially Found
8 Killer McB, I Set You Free Found Lost
9 Getting Over Davey Found Lost
10 Grand Theft Weird-Oh Found Lost
11 Headlocks for Homework Found Lost
12 The Turbocharged Theatrical Tragedy Found Lost
13 A Birthday Wish Found Found
14 Pranks for the Memories Found Found
15 Street Sense Found Found
16 Not Without My Gator Found Found
17 Family Fuel Found Found
18 Y2 Chaos Found Found
19 The Ever-Spending Story Found Lost
20 I Do? Found Lost
21 The Cycle of No Escape Found Lost
22 A Tale of Two Wades Found Lost
23 The Legend of The Phantom Racer Found Lost
24 The Blue N' Marooned Found Lost
25 Head Gasket of the Class Found Lost
26 Traffic Jam Session Found Lost

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