Aardman Animations (partially found stop-motion commercials from British animation studio; 1980s-2010s)

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Aardman logo.png

The company's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Aardman Animations have been making many advertisements ever since their Enterprise Computers ad back in 1984, spanning many well-known brands such as Dairylea, LEGO, Chewits, Chevron, Walkers and so on. But there is even more of their advert work that remains lost online.

Known Lost Adverts

Ad Title Status More Information
Kimberly-Clark Ad[1] Lost Involved a boardroom of executives contributing their ideas for cleaning products in similar vox-pop to Aardman's other work; one of their first.
Healthy Eating - Veg Man Found This advert seems to have been found on Les Watt's Vimeo.
Savlon Adverts Found At least three of the four adverts have been found.
Panda Creature Comforts Dishwashing Ad Found Not seen within either Aardman Classics and Creature Comforts DVDs that have all other Heat Electric adverts; is a Creature Comforts ad with Panda parents and a kid saying "that was disastrous". It is unknown why this isn't within the DVD collections of ads, clips were also seen in a documentary (17:38). It was found on an animation block; 1992.
The UK Office of Energy Conservation Advert[2] Found They're presumably the ones involving a family of Dinosaurs; 1993-1995?
Honey Bunches of Oats Ad[3] Lost 1993-1995
Britannia Building Society Ads Found
C.O.I Vouchers[4] Lost Assumed to be 1994 or 1995.
Weetos Space Toy Promo Ad Found
3 St. Ivel 'Prize Guys' Adverts[5] Lost Assumed to be 1995-1997; a silent clip can be seen in a showreel.
Bonduelle Salad Snack Advert[6] Lost This is rumoured to be the advert but it has not been confirmed whether Aardman made the ad.
22 Channel 4 Stings[7] Lost 21 of the Stings are found, but a report specifically stated 22, perhaps by error (1996).
Miniwheats Advert Found
Meule D'Or Advert[8] Lost 2000 or earlier
Scottish Health Education Group Advert [9] Lost 2004
Mat Co. Advert [10] Lost 2004
Little Caesars Advert [11] Lost 2004
Lifesavers Advert [12] Lost 2004
Hamburger Helper Advert[13] Found 2004
Asthma Awareness [14] Found 2004
American Express Travel Advert[15] Lost 2004
Purina Advert Found
Pedigree Advert Lost
16 Nytol Sponsorship Idents[16] Lost 2010



  • There seemed to be five privated uploads at the end of a now-defunct Aardman's commercials playlist[17] for whatever reason.
  • Storyboarding and design were made for an advertisement for John Smith's lager, but they never got the gig.[18] Perhaps they were among perished documents within the infamous 2005 Aardman's warehouse fire.[19][20]
  • There was a BBC documentary series called The Animators that looked at Aardman Animations in the "Kitchen Table Kinema" episode[21], which included the company's advertising, even showing behind the scenes footage of one of their LEGO ads. Sadly, other than the transcript and images given in the UK Animation blog mentioning it, it has yet to be seen on the internet.

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