Animaniacs "The New Year's Party Tonight" (partially lost alternate version of animated comedy series short; 1995)

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A scene from the short where the Warners shake hands with their Acme Looniversity counterparts.

Status: Partially Lost

Animaniacs is an animated sketch comedy television series by Warner Brothers and Amblin that mainly focuses on three cartoon siblings called the Warners and their escapades, alongside a variety of other cartoon shorts.

One segment from the show, The Big Wrap Party Tonight; focuses on all of the characters of the show gathering together for a season wrap party. Two months before the episode aired, a special version of this segment, The New Year's Party Tonight, played during a special block of programming on The WB on New Year's Eve of 1995. Only the last 70 seconds have resurfaced on the internet courtesy of Platypus Comix, with the rest of the short nowhere to be found on the internet.


The last 70 seconds of this version of the song.

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