Channel Umptee-3 (partially found Kids' WB! educational animated series; 1997)

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Umptee three.jpg

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Channel Umptee-3 was an educational children's program, produced by Columbia TriStar Television and broadcast on Kids' WB. It followed the adventures of a group of animals, known as The Umptees, who run an underground TV station while trying to avoid being caught by The Frumps. The show's educational theme was to teach the audience to appreciate the value of everyday things.


Because of the show's short run and general obscurity, only four of the episodes, as well as the intro theme, are available for viewing online. All four of these were uploaded to YouTube by user Umptee3TV between 2009-2011, but later had to be mirrored elsewhere after the original uploads were blocked by Sony Pictures.[1]

Episodes List

# Episode Title Status
1 The Music Show Lost
2 Umptee Sunrise Found
3 The UFO Show Found
4 What's So Funny? Lost
5 The Now Voyagers Lost
6 Just Add Water Lost
7 Perchance to Dream Lost
8 Sale of the Century Lost
9 The Fear Show Lost
10 The Weather Show Found
11 Yours, Mine and Ours Lost
12 The Lying Show Found
13 Words Are Weird Lost


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