Garfield "Bound For Home" (lost build of cancelled Nintendo DS game based on comic strip; existence unconfirmed; 2005)

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The game's box art.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

In October of 2005, amidst the hype of the upcoming live-action Garfield feature-length film, Paws Inc. released a 3-disc boxset, containing 9 of the animated Garfield TV specials.[1] Inside the boxset was a pamphlet advertising an upcoming DS game, simply entitled Garfield "Bound For Home," slating it for a release in the holidays of 2005. However, the game never released, and very little information is known about it.

The game was to be published by Game Factory (who also published other Garfield handheld games) and developed by Humansoft.


The plot has been described as following a gang of street cats invading Garfield's home, posing as Garfield himself, require Jon, Garfield's owner, to constantly purchase food for the cat gang to eventually make him go poor so they can take over the house for themselves.[2]

Claimed Features

  • The game's was going to be a 3D co-operative platformer with both Garfield and Odie being playable each with different abilities such as Garfield using items and weapons and Odie's agility to helping traverse levels.
  • The game's art style was to mimic the original comic book (despite being in full 3D).
  • The game was to be in 3rd person.
  • The game was to have both adventure and puzzle elements.
  • The game had 8 levels and 7 mini-games with 3 levels of difficulty.
  • The game is 10+ hours in length.
  • It takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS' abilities.


Currently, no footage or even screenshots of the game exist online, as the game was never released. All that's available is the game's box art printed on a pamphlet advertising the game.




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