Monster Allergy (partially found Kids' WB! English dub of animated series based on comics; 2006)

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The logo.

Status: Partially Found

Monster Allergy was an animated adaptation of an Italian comic book series by the same name, which ran for a total of 52 episodes across two seasons.

The show is about the protagonist, Ezekiel Zick, is a boy with multiple allergies who has the ability to see the invisible monsters that live amongst humanity. Together with his friend Elena, they seek to learn more about the secret world of monsters and even catch and tame some of them.

The Original Dub

Airing from 2005 onwards in various international markets, the show ran into a few issues with its English localization. Its first English dub was produced by Warner Bros. in the United States,[1] who announced that they had picked it up for their Saturday morning[2] Kids' WB! programming block on The CW channel in 2005 (Although it started airing in late 2006 instead). The show was also seen in the US on Cartoon Network.[3] With the cancellation of the Kids' WB! programming block in 2007,[4] however, a new dub was commissioned and produced in Montreal, Canada. The Canadian dub is used for all the international English-speaking markets since; the show is available on Netflix services in many different countries, all of which use the Canadian dub instead of the Kids' WB! dub. As well as Netflix, the Canadian dub is also available (as ripped episodes) in its entirety on YouTube, and was even syndicated on Disney Channel Asia as recently as 2009.

The Movie Database supposedly has information on the cast of the lost dub.[5]

In 2017, it has been confirmed from selective YouTube videos that a unique US-produced English dub was not used for Kids' WB!'s broadcast of the show, but a censored and edited version of the Canadian English dub. The new dub was censored and altered from the original version as several scenes were cut and the opening theme was shortened for time constraints. A ToonZone post confirms of the dub's censorship as a discussion of the second episode shows that Elena's line "Holy spit!" was changed to "Holy sneeze!".[6]


Promo for DC's Asia, which has footage from the English dub.

Monster Allergy promo on Kids' WB!

Kids' WB! version of the opening.

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