Oasis: Live from Manchester (partially lost footage of British rock band performance; 2005)

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Poster for the 2 July gig.

Status: Partially Lost

The Don't Believe The Truth tour was a concert tour by the British rock band Oasis in support of their sixth album "Don't Believe The Truth" which was released a month into the tour on May 30, 2005. After the less-than positive reception of their previous three albums and the band's set at Glastonbury the previous year being the worst received gig of their career, the album spelled a huge comeback for the band as it was the band's first album to receive universal praise[1][2] since (What's The Story?) Morning Glory a decade earlier. The tour would also be the band's most successful as it came and went without any incidents like the previous tours did. Among the tour's highlights were performances at Madison Square Garden, Hollywood Bowl, V Festival and City Of Manchester Stadium.


The tour was announced on 2 November 2004 with gigs at the City Of Manchester Stadium (July 2), Hampden Stadium in Glasgow (June 29) and the Milton Keynes National Bowl (July 9) being among the highlight dates[3] and went on sale on 6 November and sold out within three hours[4]. Another date was added for City Of Manchester Stadium (July 3) and Milton Keynes Bowl (July 10) after the tickets sold out and an extra date for City Of Manchester Stadium was added (June 30)[5]. Prior to the Manchester gigs in a Don't Believe The Truth pre-release fanclub postcard mailing, it was announced that Channel 4 will be "broadcasting the show live on 3 July"[6]. At the time of the announcement it wasn't exactly clear whether it would be a live broadcast of the 3 July gig or the 2 July gig (the latter of which was being filmed for a "DVD release"). It if was going to be what was originally announced as a live broadcast, this would be the second time one of the band's gigs was broadcasting live on television as their disastrous second night at Wembley Stadium was broadcasted live on Sky One while lead singer Liam Gallagher was drunk throughout the whole performance, leaving out some lyrics, replacing some lyrics and even told the crowd that the band wouldn't play if they didn't see boobs on the venue's screen.


The Manchester gigs were a huge success outside of an incident that occurred during the band's first song of the set Turn Up The Sun, as the venue's barrier that was keeping the crowd away from the stage had collapsed and the band had to stop the song so it could be fixed with Noel Gallagher stating to the crowd “Alright look I’ve been told the barrier at the front has broken down so if everyone can just take one or two steps back we’ll start playing again. Otherwise we can’t go on with the show. If anybody does get injured though make sure they get a fucking t-shirt on the way out.”. The stoppage last 25 minutes and during that time, Liam joked that “I bet you don’t get this at Live 8,” (Live 8 was actually screened to the venue prior to the band walking on stage) and Noel told several jokes to the crowd and urged the fans to sing “Who the fuck are Man Utd?”. Liam that shouted “Let’s just get somebody in the crowd to get their tits out,” which resulted in cheers from the crowd as the ladies in the crowd flashed the cameras that were there. Noel then joked “Can you imagine what the people outside must be thinking with all this cheering going on and no music? They must be wondering what the fuck is going on,” before concluding with “You wouldn’t get this at a Coldplay gig would you?”. The band was then given the all clear and the rest of gig went off without a problem[7].


The announced broadcast did not show up on Channel 4's listing for 3 July and just 6 days later, the previously mentioned filmed 2 July gig was aired on Channel 4 and all but Bring It On Down, Morning Glory, Champagne Supernova, Guess God Thinks I'm Able were aired[8]. Part of the 25 minute stoppage was shown in the broadcast, but some of the jokes told and the ladies flashing were cut. The DVD release that the 2 July gig was recorded for would come as a special feature on the DVD release for the band's 2007 documentary Lord Don't Slow Me Down, which was a documentary on the Don't Believe The Truth Tour, which can be found online along with a collection of videos taken by audience members which also include snippets of songs not included in the special feature. Bootlegs of the 30 June and 3 July gigs can be found online, but the rest of the professionally-shot footage of 2 July's gig had not resurfaced. Interestingly, there does exist an audience recording of the gig but became unavailable after 2011, before resurfacing on sadsong.net on March 31, 2023[9], a recording of Liam Gallagher's IEM feed is also confirmed to exist. As of the writing of this article, the rest of the professionally-shot footage of the 2 July gig at the City Of Manchester Stadium remains lost.


Oasis: Live From Manchester (available footage of 2 July concert).

Audio bootleg of the 2 July concert.

Audio bootleg of the 30 June concert.

Camcorder bootleg of the 30 June concert.

Collection of videos recorded by audience members from the 2 July concert.

Camcorder bootleg of the 3 July concert.

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