Real Madrid 3-0 Racing Santander (lost footage of La Liga football match; 1954)

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The 1954/55 Real Madrid squad.

Status: Lost

On October 24th, 1954, Real Madrid hosted Racing Santander for a 1954-55 La Liga match. The hosts won the game 3-0, contributing towards the club eventually winning that season's La Liga, while the visitors were ultimately relegated to the Segunda División. The encounter made television history, as it was the first football match to be televised in Spain.


Heading into the match, both Real Madrid and Racing Santander had lost their previous games, losing away 1-0 and 3-1 to Sevilla and CD Málaga respectively.[1][2] Nevertheless, Real Madrid were still favourites for the title, with the club entering a golden age that lasted from 1955 to 1960.[3]

The two teams would meet at Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on 24th October 1954.[4][5] After neither side broke the deadlock in the first-half, Francisco Gento took the lead for the hosts after 65 minutes.[4] Two minutes later, Miguel Muñoz double Madrid's lead.[4][5] Finally, at the 89th minute, Héctor Rial sealed the victory for Los Blancos.[4][5] Ultimately, Real Madrid became the 1954-55 La Liga champions by finishing on 46 points, five ahead of El Clásico rival Barcelona.[6] By contrast, Racing Santander finished 15th out of 16 clubs on 20 points, consequently being relegated to the Segunda División.[6]

TVE Broadcast

The match was the first to be recorded and then aired on Spanish television.[7][5] TVE had been experimenting with broadcasting sports like boxing and wrestling, primarily utilising cameras from RCA.[7] However, these cameras were only suitable for sports that occurred within confined spaces, making them inappropriate for capturing football matches.[7] Thus, TVE harnessed a mobile unit from Marconi, receiving it on the day of the match.[7]

Radio Nacional de España's Juan Martín Navas provided commentary for the broadcast.[8][7] He stated that his main instruction was to avoid concentrating on the radio commentary he was providing simultaneously, but instead provide useful detail based on the images being televised, with him being close to a monitor that provided the coverage.[8][7] Navas expressed how excited he was to be a part of a then-unique experience, but noted he and others realised that television would become the norm for broadcasting football in the years to come.[8][7] Meanwhile, Real Madrid would make further television history; firstly, its match with Atletico Madrid on 27th April 1958 would become the first to be televised live in Spain.[9][7] Additionally, the first televised El Clasico on February 15th, 1959 was also the first to reach the Catalan region and throughout Spain.[10][5][7]


Since the match was recorded,[7] the possibility of the broadcast's survival remains. However, as of the present day, no footage or images of the match have publicly resurfaced. While Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) has kept an archive of programs broadcast on TVE1 and TVE2, its collection dates back only to the 1960s, making it extremely unlikely a 1954 broadcast would be accessible from it.[11]



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